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ok #linux #FOSS nerds i want to set up a thing on my gentwos where i can see my #ffxiv and press 1, and then 2 (do some crafting) from my phone on the same network, whats the best way to do this

ugh ok this is why i asked about it just installing the first rando vnc i found ran into a huge problem: it starts its own session. i want something that connects to my existing session

looking into this theres some thing that did that but development was discontinued and moved to some other thing and i cant even find the other thing and i think other thing is discontinued as well ugh

ok apparently tigervnc does it? or "x0vncserver" which is a shootoff of tigervnc does it? and tigervnc is the one i installed?

why is vnc such a fucking garbage heap trash fire UGH

aha! x0vncserver just kind of comes with it its a binary thats there. yay i almost have this working maybe

its alive! and works better than i thought im getting above 1fps here

@anna PC/Phone streaming is annoying as hell. Good luck!

@kaikatsu theres shit like teamviwer ive used before that works fine tbh, id just rather not use teamviewer

@anna the one time I used VNC it was x11vnc and ran like absolute trash cause I had like 512kbit bandwidth but I guess if you really really squeeze the framerate down it should be doable

@flussence this is all over local network so it should be fine. probably. i mean im trying to play a 3D game with it but i am trying to macro craft which is a matter of pressing one then two then clicking on a thing very slowly

@anna oh yeah should be fine then

I dunno if things have changed in the last 10-15 years but x11vnc's the only networky thing I've used that does what it says, even if it is a bit crusty

@anna does this mean youre crafting from your phone

@anna I had a fun time trying to do exactly this with Ubuntu a number of times. VNC is way harder than it should be on Linux. I just want something easy to install that connects and works like RDP but without locking the screen when I log off, mostly for my media PC.

@anna nvidia has a gamestreaming api built into the cards and moonlight is an open source implementation that works on phones and stuff

@uncletrunks hmm. idk if that will let me connect to games im playing on my desktop though, that sounds like the backend to using a game's dumb client

which might be useful actually but not for this probs

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