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it seems like theres a lot of shit in #ffxiv #shadowbringers from the greeks and anyway what im getting at is i cant wait until an entity named Pleroma shows up

#pleroma #mastodev #women #linux

oh shit @kioskwitch is right, there's a place called #Pleroma already, its the first area of The Antitower

@anna its all greek to me!!!! *obnoxious sitcom laugh track*

@anna 3 of the lightwardens are named after 3 of the 4 ancient Greek types of love. theres also a shitload of literary and especially shakespeare refs

@wintgenstein i found out yesterday that a bunch of shit in the last area is named after Thomas More's Utopia

@anna an area in antitower is called the pleroma i think

@anna @kioskwitch pleroma is also a move type in megaten, strengthens attacks of a particular element iirc

@anna @kioskwitch I need some guidance about the pleroma. A deminsion that can't be accessed by very many

@Robbyrash @kioskwitch well you have to be level 60 and finish the heavensward main scenario quest, then get to the patch msq part where you need the witch in the cave's help,

@kioskwitch @Robbyrash great googly moogly library is level 59, its not a patch msq instance

@kioskwitch @Robbyrash its right after i left off on my replay stream but if i recall you have to get some shit to get y'shitola back or something? or you get y'shitola back and then you have to get something from there? idk it has calcibrena as a boss and that owns

@anna @Robbyrash yeah the antitower is still the best dungeon. that or dohn mheg

@anna @kioskwitch @Robbyrash iirc you do antitower because it leads to a space where you can commune with jesus-minfilia

@kioskwitch @anna @Robbyrash isn't antitower around there? like pretty close to the end

@kioskwitch @anna idk anything you all are talking about. Idk what this game is you speak of?? I joined this sight bc I thought you all we're real witches and could help each other in the real world??

@anna @kioskwitch what does a sigil mean?? I literally just started this sight and I'm not completely sure what it really is now??

@Robbyrash @kioskwitch it is basically the same thing as a fav/like and allows you to find it in search later if you want. channel is a "boost" which is basically the same as what the bad :birdsite: calls "retweet"

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