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its time to declassify one more solar body as "not a planet" in the solar system! which one is it? #space #women #mastodev

i just figured out how you do checkbox polls on accident while posting this and now i want to die

btw. you click the radio box option, which changes it to checkmarks. im sorry for making everyone else want to die too, more than usual

i fear that y'all wanting to die more than usual is effecting the results of this poll

@anna i guess I just thought it was trying to flex on us and that we should block it for bad behavior

@anna Was gonna say earth, but honestly fuck Saturn. Its transits are rude.

@anna saturn has those rings around it, which should totally classify it as a mini-solar system, not a planet

trust me, i'm a random raccoon on the internet

@anna voted uranus because it's not a planet it's a butt hole

@anna uranus isnt a planet its an anus why is nasa fucking dumb

@anna Jupiter is just a giant fucking fart I mean come on

@anna i went Uranus because it is actually a celestial sphincter...

@anna for the record, I chose Venus because Women Are From Venus, and If We Can Send One Woman There, Why Can't We Send Them All?

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