ah yes time to read the comments on the chris titus video about librem one and mastodon @OCRbot

at this point it doesnt even really matter if chris got owned by not reading the whole comment or not tbh

Enter discipleship

my takeaway from these comments is calling them toots owns because a bunch of the most uppity and obnoxious techbros wont use a mastodon instance because of it

blessed be ye youtube comment sorting algorithm, for thou hast savethed the best for last @OCRbot

OCR Output (chars: 347) 

OCR Output (chars: 188) 

OCR Output (chars: 133) 

Someone doesn't understand decentralization. Not as bad as the Gab user who said they were looking forward to verbally destroying @sjw

@DashEquals @sjw@neckbeard.xyz see your on to galaxy brain nazi defending :blobcatsip:

@anna I wasn't defending Nazis, I was making fun of them...
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