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dont call yourself a #gamer if u dont set ur alarm increasingly earlier all week so ur ready for a fri 2AM launch of ur fav game 😩 🎮 #ffxiv #gameing #gamersriseup #women #linux

speaking of! want to experience the #ffxiv shadowbringers launch but can't afford the game or you'll be stuck somewhere you can't play? know someone like this? bookmark my twitch channel at twitch.tv/toxicfem69 i'll be up and at it when the servers come up and there with my reactions/analysis/speculation/cute cats and dogs!

though having the camera on is EXHAUSTING so i will not have it on the whole time but i will turn it on sometimes

holy shit my FC just LOADED FOR BEAR in anticipation of #ffxiv shadowbringers launch

heat of battle III is not easy t o do, never mind 5

@anna thankfully years of meds have conditioned me to wake up at 7 to take my meds no matter what lest i get horrific nightmares

@anna is there a way to watch this later? like the past streams

@kioskwitch they stay up for a couple of weeks at least, if the stream ends up good im going to see if theres any way to preserve it

@wintgenstein is that what you have to do? there's been some FC diadem runs recently

@anna yeah im pretty sure the easiest place to get some of the mats is there. a friend had me run with her so she could stock up on mats there

@anna you SAY ffxiv but i know it's actually super mario maker 2

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