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hello fellow mastodon admins! do you want rich text posting support? are you not quite ready to make the jump to glitchsoc? i have a solution for you! you can merge in the following commit to get rich posting support:


note that this requires having viewing support as well, which is from thibg's patch:


notes: all glory to @Thib this is pretty much all glitch-soc backports, the only "unique" part was copy pasting the privacy scope stuff and adapting it to do the text mode which was tricky for me because this is the heaviest mastodon dev ive done but not exactly unique or new shit lol

please let me know if you're interested, or have problems, i don't know how many people want to use this method, because "just glitchsoc :4Head: " is probably still the best way to do this, but if there's enough interest i'll look at making a fork with this working thats not based on w.l and without the witchy stuff or assuming changes ive made here lol


ok i am amused that for some reason on w.l the emoji look normal but i just looked at this on @dev_ponies 's instance and the emoji are in italics

italic emoji what will they think of next

IMPORTANT: unless you want super marquee rainbow hell (and probably things that AREN'T cool as h*ck) include this commit too lol: github.com/witcheslive/mastodo

@anna honestly just using glitchsoc would probably be much easier to maintain than trying to keep up their own fork for most admins

@dev_ponies we'll see. i just dont want to be so far away from the vanilla codebase that it's difficult to run off master. maybe im the only one who wants this, maybe there's others. there's also the wrinkle that i also run glitchsoc on the pleroma instance and i dont want that and this to be the same experience?

like glitchsoc is good as hell, this wouldnt even be possible without it, and i do recommend it but there's plenty of reasons someone might rather patch up vanilla

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