@anna That made me miss PSO2. I haven't played it for a few years already (since my last notebook broke). Is it still good?

@littletivor idk, ive fucked with it but doing all the translation patches and still having no idea what any of the menus were is annoying so i will wait to play it again if it works on gnu/linux somehow when it releaes next year

ffxiv is better tho lol

@anna I never tried ff14, but I might someday, just because I like the art of the character designer~

@littletivor its really good. and there's a free trial if you want to check it out before you fully commit! (though forewarning: the trial section of the game is much more slow paced than the endgame/level cap content. also of course it limits access to the real endgame i get the feeling you'd really want to engage with: glamours)

@anna just like every other freemium haha. I guess I'm used to it by now~ I'll give it a spin, thank you 💙

@littletivor well, its not freemium, its box+sub but they put out an absolutely ridiculous amount of content that is extremely good and its a breath of fresh air compared to deceptively expensive gacha clones and p2w "f2p" mmos

also it works great in wine/dxvk/proton with only a little bit of upfront setup work

@anna I see. It'll probably run just fine on Solus, then.

@littletivor idk anything about solus but if it can support dxvk or run steam well enough to where proton works then yes it should work, though knowing nothing about solus i have no idea if you could use the wine/proton precompiled patches you need for ffxiv to work or if you'd need to compile your own

@anna Iirc proton works. Solus is pretty noob friendly as well (and I'm not too tech savvy). I found it to be the a great distro for starters.

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