Enter discipleship

lol jpete is starting his own social network for "free speech"

i for one look forward to seeing how much free speech they allow :)

"hey lads what do you think of this" *posts the entire communist manifesto*

@anna *extremely aww shit here we go again voice* Bryce Youngquist.

@anna it's gonna be the perfect example of how dogpiling chills speech, tbh

can't wait for the op-eds and post-mortems to come out

@velexiraptor yeah i wonder how much free speech theres gonna be there after people start doxing jpete and shit. like not cool, but you know someone's gonna take it that far.

they said something like "nobody will be banned without a court order" so lol enjoy all your trans porn, johnny pete

@anna oh lol I know him, everyone likes to give him the most distorted nicknames possible.

he's the guy that sounds like Kent Hovind doing a Kermit the Frog impression right?

@anna is he going to just load up mastodon or pleroma or is he going to go the Gab route?

@wolfcoder it sounds like a forum or something idk

also loading up mastodon IS the gab route :GODLUL:

@anna nah its more like the Ship of Theseus except they're replacing the hull planks with Silly Putty

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