Enter discipleship

introducing witchcoin. how it works is all cishet white dudes give me their worthless fiat currency, and they get witchcoin in return

what can you do with witchcoin? whatever. do whatever you want with it go ham. the important part is that you give me your fiat currency so you can have it.

@anna what is the yiffcoin exchange rate for witchcoin

@anna we need to get that as an actual altcoin lol

@wolfcoder my favorite cryptocurrency scam was the one that was called ponzi coin. it was a literal ponzi scheme and it said "this is a ponzi scheme do not buy it" all over and a bunch of people bought it anyway

@anna there was this one coin that used a scrypt-cacha algorithm designed to greatly reduce the advantage you get using GPUs in an attempt to make everyone have relatively the same mining power. it was possible to mine with your cpu. it also had better rewards for just processing transactions.

@anna we call this "proof of being smart, logical and rational" it's what gives witchcoins their value

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