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ok question, i want to see what the hell command steam is executing to run ffxiv in proton. how do i do that. it doesnt exactly show up in bash history but there's gotta be a way to see it?

why does everyone else love lutris but i can never get the damn thing to work like at all

god this is such a confusing nightmare, like i went ahead and was like ok lets just try raw lutris again and it just like, doesnt launch or does things without feedback and the error output isnt helpful and UGH WHY ISNT THIS WORKING

tried just deleting some old attempts, starting over, using the script supplied and it just like. it does loading launcher then just exits. no errors no nothing. its so irritating.

fucking. i want to throttle the gentoo irc half the time i swear to god.

like i get it people ask weird sideways questions and answering them directly isn't always helpful, but it doesn't exactly fucking help either that goading me into giving the excruciating detail then being like "well it seems like something is wrong" NO SHIT SHERLOCK THATS WHY IM HERE and now i typed a bunch of words absolutely nobody is going to help me with my problem BECAUSE I NEVER DO

like nerds jerk off to that people don't ask the right question and thus never answer any question that might potentially be caused by something else but they sure as fuck don't help when you lay out what your actual problem is, either. ever.

@anna strace should do the trick! It shows you every system call a program makes, so you can find the exec or whatever

@lil_ocean hmm doesnt seem to be showing the exact command its running in bash tho

@anna dang, maybe you can set -x for bash in your profile or something? Or replace bash with a wrapper that calls bash -x. I think /proc also has the original args given to a process but that might not be any better than strace. I mean it's definitely possible to figure it out but it might be a huge pain.

@anna also I believe there's a flag for strace to trace child processes as well, so that might help

@anna looking too closely at what commands steam executes is how you lose your home directory to an `rm -rf $unbound_var` isn't it

@diodelass probably but i just want to run the damn shadowbringers benchmark in the same prefix as the game and also figure out how to run the non steam version of ffxiv before they :cmonBrugzos: yoink :cmonBrugzos: that option from me

I'm not entirely sure, however
/tmp/dumps/[user]_stdout.txt does have some output of what happens behind the scenes on my gentoo box

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