the best thing I learned today is that Jackson Pollock's popularity was a CIA psy-op
I do Not like his art so reading that? such a fucking balm on my soul

@anna @bastardlesbian omg, thank you both for the fact and the article, I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW.

Now I just need the same thing to be true of Rothko and I can rest easy.

@bastardlesbian @anna OH YES ALL RIIIIIIIIIIGHT years of hating Rothko has been SO validated.

I love Rothko and Pollock tbh, from the independent article it sounds like their success predates the CIA using it to promote America as this great bastion of culture.

If you ever go to Tate Modern and go visit the Rothko room there it might change your mind about him, that shit has powerful vibes.
@bastardlesbian @anna

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