she must have one hell of a sports bra if she's the fastest

@anna it doesn't say she's the fastest runner or flyer or anything

maybe she types at 900 WPM

@ben For some reason this is making me think of a terrible Mavis Beacon porno or something, like somebody is a really good typist but she has gigantic bazongas She has to reach around, but she's really fast at typing anyway

@anna Princess Peach in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door types a letter to Mario at about 900 WPM

@anna this is what we get for asking for Horny Nintendo

@anna Have you accidentally stepped into an alternate cyberpunk universe?

@lafnlab cyberpunk? this game looks like it was made by someone who can only get off to 10-polygon gigantic n64 tiddies but it has to be distributed via official nintendo channels or they can't climax

@anna it's my nights into dreams fan character

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