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:candle_pixel: Rules: witches.live/about/more (tl;dr All Witches Are Valid :heart_pride: . no TERFs, fascists, abusers. :trebuchet: )

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:blobwizard: Public repo with modifications: github.com/witcheslive/mastodo

:verified: Pleroma instance at bophadees.witches.live and I usually post about downtime on @anna

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@anna @anna oh yay we actually have a Patreon now, which is great, because I'm rarely online at the same time as your streams :blobcatmmm:

@The_T i dont know why i didnt see this 3 days ago but update: i did!

@anna @anna Thank you for this! I clicked around to look at the rules and such again. Is there a guide for all the symbols? I figured out most of it, but I can't determine what to do if I want to pin a message to my page. Thanks!

@DitzyDruid "rune enchant to reading" (this verbiage is under review its a bit obtuse)

@anna Thank you so much for your time! I know you must be very busy right now.

@via yeah i broke it a couple of years ago and never got back to it. maybe someday again, would like to check out akkoma

@anna meant to ask: is there another way to donate other than those two? I can't use patreon after The Big Drama there disabled my account, and I've never looked at twitch.


@anna I feel very old (or possibly just British?) but I don't even know what cash app is lol

@anna eh possibly. We do bank transfers on the banking apps over here to send each other cash.

I might see if I can get patreon to undisable me.

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