ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck

hey look a use for my librem account

this screenshot is on counter.social btw :GODLUL:


again, this is on counter.social itself


gonna be fun to watch what happens when jesterman hackershit wakes up after he passed out from pounding off to COPS episodes too hard

oh if you expand @citrustwee 's pigpoopballs image it has a counter.social watermark on it :GODLUL:

yessssssssss i made a bootlicker Extremely Mad. Happy Loyalty Day!

well as a follow up to this amazing thread from yesterday, eugen has been peeking around and apparently jesterman has a bunch of weirdass custom js including one that stores your password in the cookie in plaintext. HACKERMAN

it seems jesterman is finally fixing what he broke so that c.s. is properly quarantined

only took a day straight of trolling c.s, taunting him on keybase, and making an account at freespeechextremist impersonating him and informing people praising him for shit eugen did that c.s violates the AGPL for him to finally put his shitty instance back in quarantine where it belongs :dvalul:

jesus christ i cant stop laughing. how is this guy so fucking delusional

like. he thinks im jealous of COSOCOM. help i cant stop laughing

also rubbing my rhubarb holy shit is he 90 :OMEGALUL:

Enter discipleship

ah he's posting pictures of me now, what a stand up guy that im sure is totally not obsessively anonymous for any appearance-related reasons whatsoever

lol even people on his instance are like "dude..." at that one

like he took the worst picture he can find of me and i still look cute af so tango down dipshit :blobcatgooglytrash:


his userbase is eating him alive on this one :blobcatpopcorn: 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿

hes actually talking to me on keybase, and i dont really have a way to provide screenies easily, but he just got mad and called me a cunt so that should give you an idea how well that is going for him :dvalul:

to the coso people stalking me now, here's what jester won't show you btw:


sorry for the shitty language in it, lulzsec were kind of shitheads. also if you dont know much about coding, it ah, its bad. it is needlessly burdensome on TOR exit nodes for no real benefit (think he'd be nicer to the NSA he admires so much (who runs like most of the tor exit nodes lol)) and he like. doesn't even do any raw socket manipulation it's just high level networking calls which is 😩 af

oh my god ok i have to transcribe this part of our keybase chat

Even if what you say is true, here you are bitching like a bitch. It's my Mastodon instance, don't like it? Domain block it. You look like a fool.

For real.


🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

someone's a madboi ahahahahahahahahahahaha :laughing_lesbians:

fuck. i want to change my display name to A FOOL so bad, but "tango down :blobcatgooglytrash: " is too good

oh also as a note to the nice steampunk lady on coso, my rules clearly say it's ok to cast dunking hexes on chuds ;) also come by and say hi! i really think you'd like it better with a bunch of other gothy women/nonbinary people (and SOME males) instead of on some isolated shitty instance run by a chud who LARPs as a hacker-cop and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way :)

to the paladin dude on coso, i dont know if you're reading this, but you're really siding with the guy who's breaking the law? that's not very paladin of you my man

just. haveing a normal one now i guess. also as predicted he won't post the screenshots that include the pastebin of XERXES code :thinkhappy:

also im really tickled that he tries to pwn me with numbers and doesnt even take advantage of the fact that its lower than usual because it reset a weekish ago when i moved the server so its at 350ish instead of the 500 its usually at

dont worry bro im pretty happy witches.live users actually log in and post :) remember how we post about as much as all of counter.social does with like, 1/3rd the active users and 1/15th the userbase.

and i dont even have to go on twitter to lie to anyone about what my instance is!

also you know what rules? running a special interest mastodon instance with a bunch of people i love on it, that also talks to a lot of other instances of varying fediverse softwares, also with a lot of people i love :blobheartcat:

alone, it's almost as busy as all of c.s. and the fediverse as a whole is WAY busier than just c.s.

but sure jesterman keep talking about how jealous we are it's really funny :dvalul:

it must rule to be an oblivious white dude with no actual skills who fails upwards constantly :blobhappy:

dont worry whiteboys, one day you might be in an advertisement for james bond films and run a social network grift with stolen code :blobcatmmm:

lol. when you're definitely not mad online about getting pwned by a cute lady

calling someone a witch to pwn someone who... very openly identifies as a witch. this dude is literally the most uncreative person i have ever heard of, like i dont know how he gets through the day without crying. shit he probably doesn't.

its why he cant code for shit either, all he can do is the same old shit, or hacky derivatives of existing shit. he is incapable of conceiving of like, any way to improve anything, or how to take a new angle on something. it's really tragic for a self-styled hacker.

@anna counter.social omegalul he can counter deez nutz plus u look hella cute so he can suck it

@selina i mean, *I* dont hide behind a fucko jester persona to be a normcore cop larping dweeb who can barely do scripting languages, and instead regularly post pictures of myself and stream live videos, so, you know, i think its safe to bet on who is better looking in this situation :blobcathappy:

@anna firstly, you look adorable. Secondly, you know he’s got no ground to stand on that he’s going straight to insulting your appearance lol

@moonwater oh absolutely. he can only pretend to not understand the AGPL for so long.

@anna aww, I can't watch without making an account

@anna funded by three cryptocurrency ICO events in Puerto Rico

@bignose i dont think he even ran a cryptocurrency scam, and yet here he is, loving his life and totally not having a meltdown about being pwned and tango down'd by a cute lady

@anna weird angle but ok

personally im still not over how his name is literalky unironically j35t3r or whatever
@xeno @anna

I’m only perturbed because there was a Turkish (iirc) haccer who used to smash all of godaddy’s IIS servers with some regularity that used the same handle, or something very similar. I was hoping it was the same guy, but I don’t think so now.

@dd @xeno nah this guy is like, Proud American 1776

though ngl if he was turkish it would be REALLY funny

@anna @xeno

I was mistaken, the Turk was iSKORPiTX. Not sure why I mixed those up.

@dd @xeno i still remember the first time some wordpress i set up then forgot about got hacked, and it had HACKED BY TURKS all over it :blobcattea: good times

@anna By being a witch you're definitely different and remote to your community, admin of a witch-based instance

Anyone who opposses the Jester is, or might as well be a terrorist

@anna not sure how many words you can reliably put between "piss" and "off" without completely wrecking your comprehensibility but I think we can agree it's below ten

@robotcarsley hes also trying to say i run a stock mastodon instance to pwn me, like, he runs a pretty fucking stock mastodon instance, he just broke a bunch of parts of it unnecessarily, and didn't even do that part right.

@anna yes, but you see your mods are full of witchy themes (feminine and thus bad) while his are full of operator jargon (masculine and thus good)

Ok, I'm not gonna argue endlessly or use bad language, I don't wanna do that. My point is, the Jester wants to help good causes, he attacks terrorists. He is pro American life. That is what he is for, and when people have a problem with that, it makes me wonder why. He's not a bad guy.

@TexasT30 @anna you do realize being pro american life is a bad thing right

@anna wait there are some males here? Ugh peace I'm out


@The_T what can i say when i started the instance i was new and i crafted my wards imperfectly :witchywink2:

@anna pretty sure you just cast a spell to turn them into girls, it just takes a looooong time

@anna to be fair we're dorks LARPing as witches, but to be (un)fair its simply a better look.

@wolfcoder larping as a witch rules and is fun, larping as a computer cop is D:

@anna He thinks setting up a bunch of temporary connections to send one-byte packets *over Tor* is going to do anything to anyone's server? Ridiculous

@anna oh yeah "XerXes", I mentioned DDoS skiddie stuff earlier. This is all he did back in the day. Was basically LOIC/HOIC/loris with clown makeup.

@wolfcoder he started getting more pissy and mad online and stopped posting screenies of our chats on coso after i posted that :laughing_lesbians:

@anna *hates getting laughed at *calls himself The Jester

@wolfcoder @anna uh mister the plague we’ve got one person online and the workload is enough for like ten tooters

I think we got an anna

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