Enter discipleship

ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck

hey look a use for my librem account

this screenshot is on counter.social btw :GODLUL:


again, this is on counter.social itself


gonna be fun to watch what happens when jesterman hackershit wakes up after he passed out from pounding off to COPS episodes too hard

oh if you expand @citrustwee 's pigpoopballs image it has a counter.social watermark on it :GODLUL:

yessssssssss i made a bootlicker Extremely Mad. Happy Loyalty Day!

well as a follow up to this amazing thread from yesterday, eugen has been peeking around and apparently jesterman has a bunch of weirdass custom js including one that stores your password in the cookie in plaintext. HACKERMAN

also poor boy was up all night manually de-federating from the Bad instances but didn't fix the glaring loopholes in federation :dvalul:

it seems jesterman is finally fixing what he broke so that c.s. is properly quarantined

only took a day straight of trolling c.s, taunting him on keybase, and making an account at freespeechextremist impersonating him and informing people praising him for shit eugen did that c.s violates the AGPL for him to finally put his shitty instance back in quarantine where it belongs :dvalul:

jesus christ i cant stop laughing. how is this guy so fucking delusional

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plz no kink shame people who can only get hard listening to Bad Boys by Inner Circle.

@anna I'm going to be giggling about this for a week, this is magical

@anna I know this is sudden, but...I love you.

This thread is gold.

@anna it makes sense, back when Anonymous was (sort of) relevant all we saw him do was DDoS kiddie stuff and brag about how time is running out on his hash cracker with zalgos.

@doe hackerjesterman is such an unbelievable dipshit who has failed upwards into running a social network to grift gullible libs, its incredible

@anna so, right, if i'm reading right, you can, despite coso saying you can't, go on there and post from other instances?

@doe kind of yeah. like he broke federation by putting a login wall then declared it a feature. but he finally got around to upgrading to 2.8 recently and there's more glaring holes than before, and its possible to get remote statuses into the instance--with mentions of people on coso. but you have to manually load the status into the instance

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@anna holy shit I signed up with a random throwaway address and the first toot I see tells me my IDENTITY HAS BEEN BREACHED, then if you click the link it tries to sell me a paid account fucking lol

this email address has never existed before

who the fuck is this clowntown quasi-military codename syntax fetishist

@dave "who the fuck is this clowntown"

oh god. there is so much there i dont even know where to begin

@dave @anna

Take the man at his word. Yes, it was a new email address a few minutes ago and, yes, your data has been breached.

He's the one that just had a data breach.

That is what he's saying, isn't it? 😉

@dave @anna this is just straight up scamming. Is it going to suggest I install Web Sheriff next?

@wolfcoder @anna well we've already got a pound-shop Bonzi Buddy so it seems the next logical step

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@dave @anna I'm just imagining his little frisson of joy as he admires his newly created cop ape and it's beautiful

@dave @anna

#mfw I read this:

“You also get a funky badge on your profile column for all to admire.”


@Leradvor @dave im glad i renewed my pleroma gold subscription so i can see ur formatting

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@anna and now I've been b& and he can't even get that right

@dave @anna oh shit same lol

i mean i wasn't being particularly clever, my @ was literally imahacker

@doe @anna I used 'nipscomeoff' because Internet Comment Etiquette is the best thing on the tubes

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@anna lol. Is he admitting he's breaking the AGPL by licensing his tacked-on code as proprietary?

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