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@rach@cybre.space a company called purism, which is a pretty good company which is high praise from me considering i fucking hate companies, is setting up a suite of services based on open technology, including "social" based on mastodon and "chat" based on matrix, and they hired Eugen to do some customizations for their Mastodon fork, and one of them was to remove the reporting functionality.

people are upset because they feel like the rebranding is shady (it's not really, it's just not clear enough yet) and assume they're not contributing upstream (they are) but the reporting thing is An Issue and a bunch of instances are blocking it because of it

@anna If you use blerama you can upload just quaratine so they don't receive any non public posts. Mastodon's moderation tools are a bit all-or-nothing. @rach

@knotteye @rach@cybre.space its not supposed to be walled off though

i THINK the idea is they want it to be something that users have full personal control over and the removing reports is kind of an idealistic expression of that

@anna They also removed scope options though (I think), everything is public. Anyone who doesn't allow users to post privately isn't trustworthy enough to handle private posts, IMO. @rach

@knotteye @rach@cybre.space oh i didn't even notice, yeah you can't DM for some reason

i think this is because they don't want people to assume that there's privacy or encryption on private or DM posts?

@knotteye @anna @rach The Purism fork rejects all non-public posts. They don't want to store anything private

@Gargron @knotteye @rach@cybre.space yeah i get this one. purism sells a lot of security hardware, i see why they wouldn't want their name on something that is marked as "private" or has lock icons but is not end to end encrypted

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