cats stay off the fucking counter challenge 2k19

Enter discipleship

the best way to keep cats off the counter is to have nothing up there they want to get at, but, you know, they're cats

sometimes they get a bath in the sink though if they keep going up there, that keeps 'em off for a while lol

a firm scruffing and a staredown session sometimes helps too, but of course like, dont hurt your cat! it is neither effective nor like, moral at all to hurt them for punishment, so dont do that!

@anna I’ve found the best way to keep them off counters is simply to give them better alternatives, that is like a sturdy cat tree or shelves just for them to be on cuz being up high makes cats feel safe, especially if there’s somewhere to hide up there too.

Also, one time I had this thing that was a compressed air can with a motion sensor designed to just startle them. Simple, doesn’t hurt them, and they don’t associate it with you, so they don’t get mad at you for it.

@Sapphicgiraffic yeah this, like most of the problem i have is they want to eat stuff from dirty dishes in the sink or various things on the counter but despite there being a lot of perches and cat trees and even comfy "bushes" to hang out in they still just wanna go on the counter a lot :blobcatevil:

@anna hmm sounds like ur cats are just buttheads 🤷🏻‍♀️

@anna @Sapphicgiraffic Same with my cat and scratching. Also counters. She will scratch, she will go on counters, literally no clue how to stop her, so I keep all the furniture covered up with blankets and my partner tries to keep the counters bare.

But I HAVE mostly cured her of the urge to nom plants.

I love her so much.

@ElectricAsherah hmm that’s strange. In my experience, cats will only claw at furniture when they don’t have an alternative.

Does she have any scratching posts in the house? If so and she doesn’t use them, she may not like the material or placement. Vertical is usually better than horizontal.

In addition to maintaining healthy claws, the clawing behavior doubles as scent marking, so she may be doing specific places based on her perception of their importance.

@Sapphicgiraffic Oh yes, she has a glorious multi-poled scratching post, plus one additional scratching post. She uses them enthusiastically and liberally.

She just ALSO claws the furniture.

It does tend to center on the couch and on the bed, where my partner and I spend most of our chill time (and where she chills with us). Covering the area with extra fabric usually dissuades her—either it prevents her from getting at a surface she can really dig into, or it creates a weird paw-feel?

She also tends to do things like jump on the bed from the window and land claws-out, which has demolished at least a couple sheets.

@ElectricAsherah wow yeah that’s definitely just a butthead cat. Perhaps you could use one of those slightly sticky sprays on certain places to dissuade her. Most cats hate touching sticky surfaces with their paws. You’re right; paw-feel is really important to cats and where they like to scratch. Double sided tape can also work.

@Sapphicgiraffic Yeah she's kind of a butthead and also kind of charmingly dumb. Sticky sprays might work if I could find them locally (am overseas, have limited access to stuff sometimes). But on the other hand, all my furniture covered in blankets is really not SO bad....

@ElectricAsherah I mean, if y’all are comfortable with that solution and it improves your happiness without harming the cat, then I’m all for it!

I just wanted to check that the cat’s needs were being met, as unmet needs are almost always the source of negative/unwanted behaviors.

Sounds like she has a good environment tho and good social interactions. The only other thing I can think of is adding enrichment play to tire her out and engage her hunting instincts.

@Sapphicgiraffic Yep, my partner makes sure she gets that!! She is super friendly and loving and snuggly. I really appreciate you taking the time to check! :blobheartcat:

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