i had to see an unironic attack helicopter joke within the last 24 hours which means its time to make "cismisia" real

im pretty sure that the definition of cis is "completely unable to be funny or original" people try to complicate it by talking about gender identity you're born with or whatever but it's pretty much just "terminally unfunny"

(extremely cis person voice) hello 911 can you help me i set my dick on fire to do a gender reveal party and it hurts is this bad

cis people think that if they touch a razor for the wrong gender they get measles (this is why a bunch of them are dipshits who dont believe in vaccines)

(cis idiot voice) prescriptivism is good actually. you cant do singular they

@anna that shit is just grammatically false is the thing, watch "oh no, somebody left their backpack on the bus, we should find them and return it" boom, singular they/their. it's literally just bigotry trying to wrapped up in some 'legitimisation'. also, fuck prescriptivism anyways, it's always racist, classist, ableist bullshit

@CornishRepublicanArmy @anna Reminds me of Jordan Peterson's manifesto that time about how he shouldn't have to think about pronouns, and the linguistic gymnastics he had to use to keep from using the singular they in that post

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