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ok stacked mode is REALLY fucking cool, especially since you can combine it with fullscreen mode and toggle between all of that really easily

ok i3 is super fun and i love it and is the perfect interface for a laptop

what IDEs, especially for general web development, are y'all into nowadays? i use atom now but i'd really like something that's, how do I put this, "not on fucking electron"

current status is taking forever to compile some notepad++ clone that turned out to require ruby and all kinds of other shit to make it easier to paste a long error message I got trying to compile firefox 65 into a pastebin so i can ask for help on

oh yeah where i left it last night is notepad++ wont compile due to some known bug and cargo or something is stuck on the chain to build firefox 65

ah cool someone answered my inquiry into this in last night but it took me a sec to figure out where hexchat's logs are

apparently i needed to "eselect rust set 1" oy

paste services dont know about my build logs. i cant paste the whole thing its too long lololol

but yeah its failing with this and hnfffffffff

some ppl in helped me with fixing up my meme-ass compiler flags so maybe that will help

in the meantime someone is sending me a chromebook and its like a dual core celeron so i wrote off doing gentoo on it...

...but then i found out about this

p.s. anyone work at @mozilla and want to send me some firefox stickers to cover up the chromebook logo on the chromebook lmao

i should just use gentoo for everything now and if anyone tells me to isntall or update a program ill be like, "precompiled binaries? more like precompiled LIEnaries" then cry because i cant emerge ffxiv

the epic firefox build fails compilation continues

cmon mozilla make ur stuff work lmao

if for some bizarre reason someone is looking here and not in the irc for help compiling 65 there is an issue with some processor feature you have to disable in COMMON_FLAGS (can be disabled just fore firefox too), see here for info:

hopefully this time it finally compiles firefox....

still need to figure out how the hell to do proper ivdeo accelration and figure out what i need to do to get the audio to work. not pictured in screenshot: the video plays a little bit slower than realtime

so turns out if you actually follow the instructions for vmware guest additions things work a lot better lmao

now i have full resolution and shit's way less slow yay

ok ngl i3 rules and its fun to use, now i just have it sippin full screen. i should try adding a second virtual monitor and making that take over the second actual monitor so i can fully jack in to the matrix here

alright i dont think i have pulseaudio set up QUITE right, and @Luxotek is right, i need to add pulseaudio to USE flags and re-emerge deep world or whatever

and im going to have to recompile firefox :(

oh sweet who needs the discord app when you're running i3 and can simply put your discord firefox tab on its own desktop and alt+f for fullscreen mode

alright i got a second monitor enabled on virtualbox and set it up so that now my entire computer is consumed by The Gentoo and im living in the Freakin Matrix

also still love i3

ok fuck finally found the autoscroll option in firefox jesus christ i hate not having it

yay once i found a volume control program audio works! youtube sound is all fucky wucky though, like it kind of works but its definitely not synced and has pops and distortions

i.... really cant find anything about how to make the audio not shit in gentoo under a virtualbox guest lol

ok it was a journey but i did it, i changed the virtual audio device in virtualbox config to the intel one then recompiled the kernel with the correct module which appears to be according to this:

snd_hda_intel, once that was in there its a LOT better

it still skips/pops sometimes but at least videos play at the correct speed

haveing issues with of all fucking things, gui just wont show up

now youtube just doesnt work most of the time idefk virtual machines suck

though if i could manage to clear out like 2 TB of crap on my auxillary drives i could set up dual boot one one of them :blobhyperthink:

fuck this im doin it i got a cheap 60 gig at a local store on sale WE DUAL BOOTIN

ok note for later, my network card is enp0s31f6

....christ are you fucking kidding me

trying to log in to brutaldon on links while waiting for various emerges but it dont work :(

Enter discipleship

if you've never configured and compiled your own kernel, kernel configuration is simultaneously way easier and way more obnoxious than you'd ever expect

like you use this byzantine ncurses menu to find what you need and put it in or make a module and thats really it its not hard at all except finding particular things is really goddamned annoying

yes the virtual machine was eurekaanemos yes this one is eurekapyros yes i extremely skipped pagos because FUCK PAGOS

just doing more boring compiling and shit 😩 really hoping my dang boot works i dont like this uefi nonsense

ugh yeah no boot. but i might be able to use BIOS/MBR anyway...

eh its UEFI BIOS? fuck i dont know what was wrong with MBR it worked fine

fffffuck i found sth i fucked up (making /boot fat32) and fixed it but it still wont boot :blobcry:

im gonna be :blobcathissing: af if it turns out i need to redo my partioning

ughhhhh i cannot get this to work fuck my lifeeeeee

wait theres a new boot option and oh my dear lord sweet jesus

sweeeeeet i just had to disable windows boot mode

...but it blackscreens after selecting gentoo rip

maybe i need guid partitions in my fstab??

no its sth dumb with video driver sigh. i captured a video of what it blinks before fucking off and it tries to do sth bad w/ video then fucks off

i think im going back to the install disk, having it compile firefox, then going to bed lmao

byobu is hella cute in basic-ass text mode btw. also im pretty sure you can speed up compilation by showing a blank window while you wait, heh

got woken up too early, so checked on firefox install. all went well! now told it to emerge i3 and am going back to sleep lol

dam🅱️ ok so i have a 1070 ti which is an nv130 card and looking up noveau (free software) drivers is ah, not looking good considering a lot of 2D is still a WIP :(

tho 3D maybe works??

dont buy from nvidia enemy of your freedom

if u cant see the screenshot check

also lmao at going back to sleep want to insall gentoo on the dog so i can disable her bark to wake everyone up at 5AM module :angery:

while trying to wake up and failing to fall back asleep i variously emerged i3 and started x server while going to a shower

also been reading up on how the hell you get nvidia cards to work since that seems to be a prerequisite to boot and sadly will probably have to :ohgno: install the nvidia binary blobs :ohgno: please forgive me rms but i want the 2D acceleration

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@ben what im not going to buy witches.dead or w/e



iirc BIOS ran out of addressing space for irq's and shit for cards in bigger systems?- some added shit for memory over 128gb i think and new faster ways to talk directly to the hardware instead of using weird ways of talking to the north/southbridge on the mobo
more channels to like pci-e and pci-e for grfx and pci-e 16x and faster bus speeds and shit
support for remote diagnostics, virtualization, and that kinda shit
support for harddrives/partitions over 2tb too isn't doable in bios - and like only 4 partitons on a drive instead of 100's now
uefi also allows more security via hardware embedded encryption and keys between the os and hardware and shit

like - lots of changes from the old bios and mbr partitions

@anna again - i'm not sure if you're just being sarcastic and asking rhetorical questions as a joke so i'm sorry if i'm answering this (badly i might add) that doesn't need an answer

the drugs finally kicked in and blame them

@anna well i don't know what that is but i sure don't like it

@anna did you turn off the cms shit or whatever it's called in the bios that loads the keys required to boot windows?
like you're gonna need compatibility mode on to boot it right?

wait.. do you even use windows or do you daily drive linux?

@anna technically true, but the speedup is marginal if you don't use a slow terminal. You'll probably never notice it.

@vika textmode is slow and some compiler functions just barf text

@anna ugh you use tty? but why?! it's slow and it can't show more than 16 colors...

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@vika in the gentoo install environment before you have drivers set up and such

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Yeah noveau is uhhhh "functional" enough to get your install rolling, but most people need the non-free driver

nvidia rambling, reply-enbying Show more

@greg fucking. cryptocurrency ruins everything

@anna unplug one of the monitors from the dvi or hdmi cable till you're done installing and THEN enable multihead mode

@anna and i dunno if it has anything to do with it - but loading a pci-e video card in AGP mode might be a problem

@Luxotek yeah it might be some bullshit with onboard video vs gpu video, as i do have onboard enabled in bios for use with streaming (you can use onboard video to do encoding) and it might just be confusing the hell out of it. might work if i plug monitor into onboard gpu too

oh man i love uefi - so much better and easier than old school bios's and having to set jumpers on the mobo and drives or dipswitches on the cards and shit
as long as you do your fat /efi partitions on the drive you're set and that's so much easier

@anna too true. Back in the 2.4 times, I could compile a kennel even if drunk, but now... man, there is a lot in the Linux kernel nowadays

@anna And reeeeally easy to miss something vital, if you are new on the hardware.

@mjjzf eh i suppose. it seems like most of the important stuff is in there by default, just ah, always have a good livecd handy lmao

@mjjzf that said last time i did this was in like 2004 and it was easier then yes

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