imagine burning your house down because you did this and also you have cats in your house

also there'd be a slight magnetic field generated by the electricity and those screws arent held in by much so, that's also another fun disaster waiting to happen

@anna you ignore the slight lingering scent of smoke and then a fuse blows

@anna imagine like, accidentally spilling the spice pack to ramen, or kool-aid powder, or just the general accumulation of dust, and that's why you die.

@anna i reckon the screws hitting each other would be less dangerous if ur circuit breaker is working as itd shut that abomination down

@toilet the circuit breaker is a screwdriver jammed between the ledes

@DMX i have no idea and no intentions of finding out

@anna ahhh a little electrocution never hurt anybody

@anna several things are not yachts, but are still deserving of #respect, such as #women

@anna I have to do electric safety testing for work but thankfully have not encountered anything like that (yet).

such practices are (usually) less common in 230V countries, also we have had Telefunken mains connectors on portable electronics for about half a century in Europe so there are usually spare leads around in many houses.

hopefully the circuit breaker would open or the loosely wrapped end of the cable melt before any serious fire occured started (in UK plug top fuse would open)

@vfrmedia yeah dont you have to like, make your own plugs in a lot of european countries?

@anna we had to until around the mid 1990s (in UK you were taught in high school how to wire a plug, get the colours right and select the plug top fuse), after that it became law that appliances were sold with the moulded plugs that are more common today.

About 1994 in UK, not sure about rest of EU/EEA (each country might still have local domestic laws) but nowadays you can end up with multiple leads being supplied (UK, Shucko or Europlug for smaller equipment)

@vfrmedia @anna « such practices are (usually) less common in 230V countries » ...because of the larger minimum spark gap, or because of the natural selection factor?

@varx @anna more the natural selection factor, most of Europe has been 230V since the late 1960s.

In some countries the 230V supply was (originally) also derived from two phases like it is in the USA (although its increasingly one phase of a 230/400V three phase distribution); and we are taught that any conductor which is not obvious protective earth (earth ground) should be treated as live and carrying current..

@vfrmedia @varx @anna not super important, but the powers supply isn't really 230V, power was generated a range of voltages between 210 and 250, so they set a standard of 230 +/- 10%
the actual voltage in the uk for example is still ~240
( i checked the other day and it was a bit over)

@varx @vfrmedia @anna Natural selection. A quick jolt of 220V probably won't kill you, but the lessons learned last a lot longer than with 110V.

I'm speaking of experience. 😜

@varx @vfrmedia @anna You do have to credit the use of brand new shiny screws for this little DIY job. Could have been a couple of rusty old nails, too.

@anna I had some involuntary convulsions. Thanks fer sharing neighbor.

@cobra2 dont worry about it thats just the electricity

@anna Shocking I know.

Sadly, I've seen worse. here is an example of how to use tape to make wrong a bit more safe. I stole it from reddit.

Pictured: the genius of invention in action.

@t1psyGnostalg1c someone found the most gamer way to find out if there's homestuck in the afterlife

@t1psyGnostalg1c my dad always told me if you're gonna do stupid things, do them smartly

and thats why i cant respect this. at least wrap the screws in electrical tape ffs

@anna I refuse to believe this is real.

( Yes, I know it's real.)

@Lumb a fire slimegirl that is always on fire

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