i cant imagine being such a dipshit HACKERMAN PERSONA that you think you've done heavy modifications to mastodon by adding a radio scanner and blocking a few proxy servers and north korean and syrian ip blocks and can't figure out how to merge upstream to not be using some oldshit version

other facts: using third party apps requires COSOPRO, instead of loading normally it has a stupid loading interstitial, and i literally always connect to it with a proxy because i find that shit hilarious

ok i had to see what happened when you clicked on BOTSENTINEL and holy shit what the everloving hell is this nonsense

welp theres only one thing to do now, i gotta install BOTSENTINEL

holy hell this BOTSENTINEL program is incredible i only had to unblock all kinds of weird shit in umatrix for it to work

dang i cant get it to show me the bot score for my account

this is their emoji. such a wide selection available with all those cosopro dollars mirite folks. the kim jeong un one has a racist code for it racist. the rake one is "rake america great again" pretty much all the non sequitor ones are from some shitty hotbutton lib shit that got them hopped up for like 5 minutes, and of course, theres WilLongAndProsper

idk why i said racist twice but, its pretty bad

oh i remember COSO IDENTITY GUARD being a thing the actual jester was planning (threatening?) to be available soon. it is of course a PRO ONLY feature its very valuable im sure


i found someone with a cosopro account and a 47% troll rating im so tempted to start shit about it but i dont want to blow my cover lololol

oh yeah actually the jester society man's keybase is... interesting, he has some.... interesting people he follows there

and thats not to even get into the content of what is actually posted on this godawful site, like its the worst imaginable fedora lib shit. its somehow worse than quodverum.

woah ok there's some history with these nerds, i knew eugen hasnt been... too happy about them but i didnt know he used mastodon twitter account to actually talk about what it does wrong in detail

link: twitter.com/MastodonProject/st

ahahaha so if you modify mastodon you're supposed to make your changes public right? so of course there's a git repo so jesterhackermans doesnt get in hot water:


but if this is to be believed they only made one set of modifications to it and haven't made any changes to counter.social to a year so they're either violating the AGPL or they haven't done shit for a year lmaooo

which also probably explains why they have all that goofy php shit for COSOGOLD or whatever since it's arguably not modifying the original software

but like, either he's just tacking on useless auxillary features that don't touch the core or any part of the service, or doing nothing, or violating the AGPL and in any case it's really sad and also extremely funny

ahaha any time you copy an image on counter.social it adds a watermark to it OMEGA LUL

look at this fabulous boomer meme that totally originated from counter.social!! its domain wide too, it happened when i copypasted their ridiculous trollbot explanation image from one of the FAQ pages, not just posts people make

@Zero_Democracy holy fucking shit i need WITCHES PRO GOLD to MEGA CHANNEL this

@Zero_Democracy update: still absolutely losing my shit at how funny this is

@anna This is like how they'd walk up and down the aisles with credit card readers at Est seminars before starting them.

@Zero_Democracy i had never heard of est seminars and... wow ok this sure is a thing

@anna They've internalized bot paranoia so thoroughly that they need pseudoscientific identification of the phantoms in real time. Fucking amazing.

@anna Scrolling Terminator text vision for the hashtag-resistance set.

@Zero_Democracy @anna better to be proactive I guess. there is definitely reason to be wary of bots manipulating social media.

@grainloom @Zero_Democracy i dont know if psuedoscientific quackery that identifies People Who Use Bad Words I Don't Like is "proactive"

@anna @Zero_Democracy well, I don't know the specific methods they use, so :blobshrug:
just wanna note that trying to detect political bots is imho a good idea

@grainloom @anna The problem here is that resistance liberals in particular use "bot" as a dismissive slang term to dehumanize and make foreign in a borderline McCarthyist manner at this point. For whatever theorizing about actual bots in the literal sense of the term may be done, that's not how they use it and that's not the problem they're attacking.

@grainloom @anna It's a classic example of marrying a pet issue to something real and using that to muddy the waters, and that lets people get away with bad politics under the guise of solving problems with technical solutions.

@grainloom @anna As a post-script, I'll note that CS is very much a product of some specific Twitter attitudes and people from it, and that's what I'm talking about.

@anna what the fuck is this larping shit i dont even get it im too sleepy and illogical
@anna closed-source external js for extra safety and trust.

@anna LMAO that is so fucking egomaniacal, like the masses of devious foreign enemies may descend on the instance any day and start infiltrating it.

@Zero_Democracy @anna there were people genuinely pants shitting convinced that kneegrows.top was a russian psyop because the kid who ran it is a russian and set the spoken languages to EN, RU in mastodon

@xeno @anna It's almost like they're a pack of unglued xenophobes who view other cultures as undifferentiated monoliths.

@anna fun fact that exact squabble is what got me blockt by jester for calling him out on his grift and general jingoism :birdsite:

@trwnh oh hey there you are! i saw you mentioned in that thread haha

@trwnh is it true what @Zero_Democracy was saying that they had like, a one way mirror federation where they could look out but others could look in for a while?

@anna @Zero_Democracy the timeline was kinda like this
1) c.s created, advertised aggressively by j stans on twitter
2) people notice the bs "we block 7 (((hostile nation))) for hating our freedums" promoted heavily on the front page, they call this out
3) j and his stans engage in flimsy logic to prove why they aren't jingoist / us-nationalists
4) a lot of instances choose to block c.s because fuck that noise
5) j uses this as an excuse to force logins, breaking federation as a side effect

@anna @Zero_Democracy ok so like you know how you can link to a public web page? like this witches.live/@anna/10160500064

wellllll they forcefully redirected all requests like that to /web, so that you had to login to view anything

which is a problem because putting anyone's profile into the search bar now redirects to Not Their Profile

@anna @Zero_Democracy so if i paste witches.live/@anna into the search bar of the webapp, mastodon will dutifully fetch witches.live/@anna.json and parse that and pull up your profile so i can follow you

but if you paste something like counter.social/@anna then it would Not Work because their web server would instead serve a redirect (which is not a valid activitypub Actor for obvious reasons)

@trwnh @Zero_Democracy oh geez. also a problem because thats how instances get remote content, you probably know this but for any onlookers, like if you find a toot you want to load in your local instance but your instance doesn't know it exists, you can copy and paste that link into search to force it to load. your instance will go and fetch it when you do.

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@anna @Zero_Democracy the issue was redirecting all GET requests to a login page so that you couldn't view public pages at all. so federation broke entirely by accident bc you couldn't fetch remote toots from their instance. and then they doubled down on it and pretended like it was on purpose, bc the fediverse was so full of ~bots and bad actors~ of course, and they weren't

a few months later it went full grift and added the bs trackers and radio scanners and whatnot.

@reforgedonion this guy is the biggest fuckin bootlicker ive ever seen


Fuck, I forgot counter.social was a thing. This is exactly what I'd expect would happen

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