Enter discipleship

oh shit all the cities:skylines dlc is on sale for 50% off and i have a job now rip

fuck whats the difference between parklife and parklife plus

oh it just has the country roads radio station bundled zzzzz

regrests.... ive had a few.... but then again.... this wasnt one of them.... maybe....

wait industries is the new xpac right? its only 20% off but... looks really good.........

also y'all. i wanna stream like, cities: skylines and shit because people keep complaining all i play is overwatch and i agree its garbage so like, come by and help me build cities and do ridiculous shit ok :colbert:

also maybe i should play this game on stream because its aesthetic rules

@anna wait I thought that SYXX was the new XPAC

@anna the radio stations are definitely not worth it, they have a small amount of boring music but are mostly really obnoxious fake ads. i got the synthetic dawn radio pack and it's the worst $2 I've ever spent lmao

@girl thanks for the reminder im bad at that but trying to remember to do it more often!

@xeno literally bought this because i was posting about a new theme i want to pay a bounty for someone to make and someone was like "maybe it should look something like this" and i was like YES

@anna my computer needs more juice otherwise I would be exactly like you. So damn fun.

@anna one could be a blur song but the other is definitely CS dlc so buy that one

@anna can you recommend any good gammes for me to buy if I come up with any spare money?

@spookywitch there's lots of good game's depends on what you want!

@anna rpgs mostly, or shooters. i dont know what i like :3

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