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hmm. i want to do some shit to the witches theme that are beyond my css skills, thinking about doing like... a bounty for it

FUCK i had a great idea for a new name for "The Raven" i knew i should have written it down its like.... Familiar something. Familiar Tidings! That's it! And its a cat instead of a raven maybe.

but the problems are thus: the theme is still pretty much the basic-ass masto theme but purple. the contrast ratios are fucked to hell and thats not accessible. so a new color scheme that's purple and pops with high contrast colors so it looks cool as hell (and maybe even hits that glitch-witch aesthetic i want to go for) would just be a big win all around

so the requirements im thinking so far:

* expand basic design, do something thats a bit more distinctive, like say a lot of the radical.town themes

* add elements to the theme of a technocyberglitchgoth aesthetic

* make contrast ratio POP for accessibility and because its a cool aesthetic

* add some more svg elements to replace some of the standard ones (i will need to brainstorm/write for this too) like local tl, camera, cw. make raven familiar a cat familiar maybe

* add better designed and on-them elements for "show thread" and cw "show more"

i might make revisions to some of these but probably nothing major. work would be licensed with the gpl or something like it, as such this is more of a bounty than a commission. would love it to be nabbed by a member of the queer community :) i can afford about US$200 for this

so throwing it out there im planning this, to get some feelers out for a gay css wizard/witch who's up for it ^.^

i also understand that glyphs are a little bit of a different skillset so im willing to think about that separately, but sourcing available open source glyphs that fit the bill are completely acceptible

some additional notes on accessibility, pastel's header has some good references for color scheme, because the blue and the purple can allow for some much higher contrast than the current purple, which helps with all sorts of limited vision

the worst it looks in a colorblindness simulator is with the red-weak types and deuteranopia (pictured below) and as you can see the brighter blue color still sticks out and has a nice contrast (and could be brighter to pop more) against the purple

so I really like this color scheme because its very much aesthetic and can be made extremely accessible. variant color schemes for protoanamoly/protanopia/deuteranopia by offering variants might not be too hard either if this is designed correctly

and like, the current theme is cute but its a MESS for contrast ratios. i think the best tl;dr of that is this screenshot of the character counter

of course other than being somewhat myopic, i have really good vision so all i have to go on is others' experience, i'd love to get feedback from anyone with any sort of limited vision on what kind of theme elements are helpful (and harmful) that i may have missed here

further accessibility notes: a lot of hipster ~clean design~ shit ignores other needs, like dyslexia. people dunk on comic sans bc lol cringe font but its actually the most readable font for dyslexic readers by far in the standard "windows font" library

there is a font called "dyslexie" that looks nice but its expensive as hell, not an option for a FOSS project unfortunately, and regular comic sans isnt a free font either

there are however other options! opendyslexic doesn't look as nice as dyslexie (and it seems surveys of people with dyslexia agree there) but it is free: opendyslexic.org/

but imho the god tier option is comic neue, a free font that was made to make comic sans look nice: comicneue.com/

personally i love comic neue bc you can troll the hell out of people with it bc "omg did you use comic sans" but they can tell something is off :hyperjoy: the nexus of higher accessibility while trolling is extremely my shit ngl

as such id like to make comic neue an option as well, if not the default in some areas. also it should be an option for the primary font as id probaly use bc it rules as a font :dvalul:

unfortunately i dont think this could be the default for the same reason underlined links can't really be in the default mastodon ui (yes im going here), people will immediately give up on mastodon bc it looks bad or unrefined or whatever because they're trained by hipster clean design shit to think things like underlines or dyslexia-friendly fonts look "bad" or well, let's face it, "low class"

tho some way to guide new users to more accessible themes that might fit their needs better is definitely something that should be looked at, if out of scope for new witches theme bounty here. hopefully eugen is open to discussing that further with people who have better ideas than i do (i know we like to keep registration simple but maybe an option to pick the high contrast theme starting out wouldn't hurt if done well??)

but i think the least i can do here is ensure the theme i request for this bounty and the new default is accessible as possible, and that it's built to make it simple to generate variants for specific needs :)

speaking of underlines, i have a bit of a matrix going for theme variants i'd like that will basically be only small variants of the main file but due to the lack of theme options will just have to be presented as multiple themes

* 1-2 variants for red-weak/deutaeranopia
* opendyslexic and comic neue
* underlines on links

another source of inspiration, I like the themes that show the aurora borealis in the background here, something with a dark star field similar to the banner as the background would rule


to add it to the thread, this is the radtown theme i like in particular as a reference, the neon high contrast colors and the glow on action buttons i think are the best parts of this

@splendens yeah ill probably keep it as an option but new one will be purple too

@fey see now i love aurora borealises but im thinking instead of that its deep starfield kind of like the new banner

@anna that would also be excellent yeah, I'm all about that astronomic/astrologic noise

@anna I was literally writing a reply about to suggest Opendyslexic before this one popped up.

I'd be supportive of neue since looking at it just makes me think of another comic font I'd see in like a manga scanlation or something than like specifically comic sans.

@fun yeah it was on the clipboard but had to post bc i knew my next thought was overlong heh

@anna this is a really good thread! on the chance you haven't heard about it yet, here's a bot i've been seeing around, it posts nice high-contrast color combinations: botsin.space/@accessibleColors

also comic sans rules

@dom lol the most recent one is very close to the current theme's basic scheme :dvalul: the problem is having the third and fourth colors, like look at what a mess of poor contrast ratios are in the reply im writing now

@anna ooo yeah the link / highlight text is tough. contrast between body text and its background is great though!

not sure what level of control you have, but maybe you can conserve the high contrast but shift the hue a bit to make sure things read as links? if you desaturate this it still feels okay to me

@dom the worst is the glyphs and character count at the bottom honestly, though i might tweak the colors on them to improve them. basic color scheme changes arent hard, especially since i run my instance and can modify files (not masto.host basically) but im not good at doing the actual design and css parts hence offering a bounty here lol

@dom as suct def gonna give the deeper purple a shot, thanks for the suggestion!

@anna I'm happy to see people using accessibility tooling to test different sightedness. I'm actively trying to ensure that products I work on are accessible for people with different sight capabilities.

@mattgen88 Yeah big Same. A lot of our customers for where I work are more likely than most to be color-blind, or dyslexic. I've done my best to try to nudge people into the direction of making things more accessible for people like that

@anna are the screenshots of the radtown themes you're thinking about somewhere?

@mrnd i really like how fucking bright and neon this one is in particular

@mrnd the bright colors with high contrast and glowing on things are the elements i like of that and what i think of by saying that

@anna for the record, i have some ideas i might try tonight/tomorrow, but i can't really commit yet. would be fun though

@anna also: setting up the local masto dev environment should be easy-ish, and you get live reloading which then makes this much nicer

@mrnd hmm yes but i imagine that makes the notification column solid pink?

@anna not really? i mean i didn't touch that many details yet, but it seems consistent?

@mrnd ah yeah thats the same problem i had, notifications turn bright fucking pink, it looks odd

i do like the purple you added, i kind of want to make this an option, would it be too much to ask for a pull request to add it as a theme like witch neon or witch mid contrast?

@mrnd or are you planning to like, do the wholeass theme i talked about? :O

@anna i can make a PR tomorrow! (like in the next 24h idk) rn i need some sleep

also i turned the notif white, so that's a bit tamer now

also the internal code name is glitchywitchy

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