list of fediverse demands i have:

* get shanley to set up her own single user pleroma instance (come ON you know that shit would be hilarious)

* expand pleroma's gopher gateway capabilities so that you can post from pleroma, and get RMS and/or the free software foundation to run a pleroma instance that RMS actually posts from, using gopher

* that bat sanctuary with the live cams has someone posts bats all day on the fediverse look im still on how much i like bats ok

if rms actually conversed on the fediverse i hope i could get him to post feet

@anna you know this is impossible because all cameras require proprietary firmware and therefore he will never take a photograph of his feet or anything else

Enter discipleship

@lavender rms please hand digitize an analogue photo of ur feet

@anna @lavender I'm imagining an input device that's a cross between a breadboard and a cross stitch hoop

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