lmao this is an article on "entrepreneuer" about bill gates' predictions that came true, and this one is :dvalul:

speak for yourselves, capitalist assbags!

Enter discipleship

i really hope diaspora* rises from the ashes somehow, or something like it rises up. there's so many issues with replacing facebook with a federated service, but fuck if i dont want to keep trying

@anna isnt friendica pretty similar? it looks more approachable imo

@anna though tbh the biggest thing missing right now seems to be integrated event planning but to techies it often looks completely orthogonal so they don't want anything do with it

@mrnd @anna I swear to hell, if someone would just make a federated event-planning service I would be able to pull so many people off Facebook & FetLife in one fell swoop

@fey @mrnd event planning is one of those things where it can be impossible to get off facebook because of it, but its such an "extremely offline" thing and additionally not great as a standalone thing, so its hard to get excited about doing a federated/floss version of it

@anna @mrnd agreed, I've found though that services like Evite are all right on their own, it's just they're still corporate. If I could code this would probably be one of the first big projects I attempted— some kind of event plugin that masto, pleroma, pixelfed, anyone else could attach to their instance as an additional feed column for example

@fey @mrnd an event module available for federated services would rule, like it ties in to existing fedi accounts somehow. though how that'd work technically would be a big challenge

@fey @mrnd @anna There is one called "Gettogether.community" but it's not anywhere near where I would organize a private event.

Is it that it only does public events? And private events are planned? The site doesn't seem like it has much information, though that may just be that I'm on mobile.

@fey @mrnd @anna

@gcupc @fey @mrnd @anna Right now it on'y does public events. I think private events could be worked out, but you'd probably want to run your own instance rather than have it on the main instance to support that.

I thought Friendica had events. It's just that it's kind of off in its own universe (it technically federates with a lot of stuff at least partially, but it just kind of seems like its own thing).

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