Fedi, help me out here. I'm a trans woman making synthpop for an audience of maybe ten people. Anyone know of any cool trans or lgbtq-focused netlabels or promotion/distribution groups that should be on my radar?
(boost please!)

Enter discipleship

@backwardsflow i dont but smacking that mf follow bc i want to hear your work

@backwardsflow i listened and some good shit, i think you've got some potential to make some bangers 👍

@anna thank you!! idk about bangers exactly... my music is all kinda small and soft and i'm not unhappy with that tbh. i like being at the opposite end of trans girl music as laura jane grace lol

@backwardsflow im not into music production so i dont know entirely what im talking about, but if i have some criticism is that, the small and soft is fine, but i think maybe some of the levels could be adjusted? like the backing sounded quiet compared to vocals

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