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fyi if you're using docker apparently it will just go ahead and shit all over your disk space if you dont clean it up, witches disk was at 84% when i started and after running

docker system prune

it deleted 55 GB of shit and im down to 30% disk utilization

thank you @BestGirlGrace for the tip

now if only wasabi wasnt a flaming dumpster fire, im still getting like 1/2 to 2/3 of my attempts to upload images to just fail

which btw, just keep trying if that happens it will work. eventually.

oh while im here if ur using cerbot theres some bullshit going on where you don't update certbot or some crap your ssl is going to stop renewing so, take a look at that



I can recommend acme.sh - it does not need alot of deps like certbot does either. Works for me atleast :)

@selea all the methods had some thing or another you had to update

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