imagine being a liberal and thinking a multibillion dollar international razor corpoation can be woke lmao

Enter discipleship

the discourse on this shit is hilarious.

liberals yass kweening a shitty exploitative corporation

conservatives uh, they are um, *checks notes* (whispers in mic, really? that's? ok....) *clears throat, tries to keep a straight face* posting forced feminization fantasies on main

i cant wait for the neckbeard thing to come full circle because the fellas have decreed that shaving, much like wiping one's own ass, is gay

@anna Libs want to own the cons so bad, they'll take the side of someone with the most obvious marketing scheme. Sensational

@Granddad all libs want to do is pwn the cons, the most easily pwnable dipshits on the face of the planet, but being libs they somehow manage to be bad at it. its unreal.

@anna I think my favorite thing I saw yesterday was, (paraphrased) "showing conservatives that men should be nicer by calling them slurs"

@anna the worst thing on the planet... Being An Girl...

@citrustwee as a conservative, i am simultaneously extremely horny for forced feminization and also an insecure weirdo who gets violent and angry about it

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