*witches.live voice* here is several paragraphs about rituals

btw light cop cars on fire and delete heteros

:familiar: :familiar: :familiar: cats :familiar: :familiar: :familiar:

*berries.space voice* (some incomprehensible thing referencing tumblr discourse but everyone is nice and also like 14 years old)

*radical.town voice*


idk theres as much of a voice as much as everyone's avatar is neon in some way

i cant top the one @citrustwee did for mastodon.social its too spot-on

but im gonna try

*mastodon.social voice*

i love

*freespeechextremist.com voice* 

*pleroma.site voice*

(has a regular anime avatar)

i am part of a 6,000 member polycule involving all the pleroma devs and if you say anything slightly critical of pleroma i will hunt you down and kill you irl. lain.

*honey.church site*

can you believe asexuals want to be included and represented? what a bunch of made up tumblr horseshit for weirdos. btw im 14 and a kinnie.

Enter discipleship

*mastodon.starrevolution.org voice* 

* more fair witches.live voice i cant dish it out and not take it *

how do i log in to berries.space from here

* cryptids.online voice *

no i am actually, unironically, bigfoot irl. this is not a bit.

(i log in after waking up at 9:45 am)

* sunbeam.city voice *

i made a plankton power plant to power my homemade computer and synthesized 3 kinds of mega herbs, taking a short break before i rearrange the garden for optimal sunlight efficency. ill have some thoughts on a book on astrophysics for brain surgeons i breezed through next time i log in which will be in about 3 days.

*botsin.space voice*

this is an incomprehensible post from one of the six million markov chain bots here, but it is funnier and more salient and lucid than anything posted on one of the human instances

*olds.town voice*

whats your favorite flavor of sugar free monster to drink on your riding mower?

*gameliberty.club voice* 

* actual knzk voice *

今日は "日"で終わるのでKNZKは停止しています

i hate my penchant for high concept jokes, this one rules but nobodys going to take 3 seconds to figure it out :blobcry:

god i even got it to work backwards, and hand edited the PLAY ON LANGUAGE to WORK IN JAPANESE which when you put BACK INTO ENGLISH STILL WORKS

* bofa.lol voice *

Sieradski organized hip-hop concerts with Israeli and Palestinian rappers, with a project called Corner Prophets, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts.[13] He has also been a DJ on the jointly-operated Israeli-Palestinian FM radio station All For Peace which broadcasts from Ramallah.[14]

nobody will boost this amazing joke so i guess i have to do it

@anna this magnificent thread poses the question: does toot.site have a voice..? 🤔

@anna I will print and frame this toot. Thanks forevah, gov'na 🇬🇧 <3

@anna TBH, I feel kinda left out. Is cybre not mockable??? 😜 Make fun of meeeeeeee!

@anna This may be tmi, but I'm pretty sure some wires are a bit crossed in my brain w/r/t certain kinds of mockery and affection/acceptance. I don't ACTUALLY want to impose that on you. But there's a certain kind or level of ribbing that makes me feel very, uh, included and validated? If people know me well enough to parody me accurately and smartly, then it implies that value me enough to be paying attention. And in this case, I'm projecting onto my instance.

@anna Feel free to not engage with this. Sorry if I'm bothering.

@benhamill the problem is you're nice and salient and i dont know how to make a joke about that and honestly i feel bad bc i know that kind of hurts, oddly enough, but also that you'd probably rather im honest about it :X

@anna Hahaha. You are 0% wrong. I appreciate that. Don't feel bad about that AT ALL. 💖

Also, WitchFynder scratched my brain itch. 😜

@benhamill but its honestly a compliment bc i actually like having you around and you're always nice and actually funny which is extremely unusual for white cishet dudes who post about linux on the fediverse

@anna Geez. That's so nice I should print that out to look at when I have a bad day or something! 😊

@benhamill @anna cybre.space voice

-incomprehensible blathering about linux entirely overshadows the surprisingly large furry population-

@witchfynder_finder @benhamill @anna ugh like all these gnudists wandering around ruining my freeLoveBSD netAcidOpenFork key signing party, le sigh

@anna Wow that also looks like... correct Japanese too which is not something I usually expect from machine translation.

@anna stahp you are too good 💖🌈🦊🙏💅🏽🏴‍☠️🇺🇳🚩

@anna this is PRISTINE i cant stop laughing, i feel like a sore thumb sometimes just shitposting away on here

@anarchiv see ive thought about this a lot since i wrote this and i think there's something of an aspirational aesthetic involved with a lot of us who pick or run themed instances. i would love to be that sunbeam.city person but i could never do it, i just cant. but what i can do, is be a witch, and a lot of why i joined a witch instance years ago, then started my own when that one shut down, is "witch" is a much more attainable aspirational aesthetic lol

@anna I get that, while, honestly, it would be hard for my to seperating my gardening and my witching and I'm seeing no reason for my to do it. anyway, I'm planning to create an account on sunbeam one day, but I'm currently busy exploring another (German, regional) instance, so that is postponed.

@anna im gonna make a button that just posts that watch me

@anna uhh I mean snoots.online I mean twitching dot vulpine.club is uuuhhh... can you help with this tarot reading first? My dissing rod broke cause we were trying to summon zozo using a pendulum, was that kosher? Heheheee O:3

*snouts.online/vulpine.club voice*

(literally summons baphomet)

woopswie! i made a fucky-wucky OwO

@anna oopsie woopsie my succubus daughter in law/chemical vorefare buddy made a trendy little typo-wipo now can I uh? *checks clock* oh sorry hun yeah the dragonkids just got home and you know how polyvorous ambibypansexual demihuman polyculerrlationgraphics go...

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