it's incredibly problematic that people keep befriending this young person, who I spy on constantly for some reason

@anna @elchapo Nobody is actually spying on the child, y'all 30 year olds talk about her constantly and it is weird.

@some_qualia @elchapo she wants to talk to us and she's our friend, that's a lot different that being behind mutual blocks

@anna @elchapo I don't think you can simultaneously talk about the fragility of children and have friendships with them where you have way more power than they do.

@anna @elchapo Like, you do what you want, but that child is either old enough to be in adult relationships or not.

Enter discipleship

@some_qualia @elchapo there's, again, a big difference between a weird little online village of sorts of quee---lgbt people interacting with a teen out in the open and giving her a support network and, well, gossiping about her behind mutual blocks

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