Enter discipleship

interesting that its always cishet white dudes who go for the "actually, leftism is about economics" and "all idpol is liberal nonsenes" takes :thinking_endlessly:

that man exists in a duality, but cannot handle that maybe while "hire more women cops" takes are liberal bullshit, but liberation for women, queer ppl, and/or poc are not liberal bullshit, what a conundrum

@anna hm it's almost as if their takes are informed by their identities 🤔🤔🤔

@anna it's, like, not illegal to take 'leftism focuses on economic-material realities' to the place of 'how do white supremacy & gender violence operate in economic-material terms' but for some reason they just stop at 'things which are significant to leftist analysis have real economic-material effects'? it's like the diametric opposite of saying 'X is a social construct' and expecting that to end, rather than start/guide, the conversation around X. absolute sophistry and self-glorifying refusal to think

@anna lol you say this like one day after I check twitter and see this chud had followed me

yes, that is a trot british flag...

@fun ah nazbols, good for practicing your icepick aim with

@anna Meh. I got bored with that argument when I was still a liberal. I figure the kyriarchy is big enough that the classpol adherents can attack from one angle while the idpol adherents attack from another.
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