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if any s have ever had this problem, its apparently what's holding up berries.space right now and im not sure what causes it

@anna WHEN WILL YOU FUCKING NERDS LEARN. just talk to the computer, ask it nicely and it will do the thing you want. I have to keep telling Lynne this all the time...

@anna Can you get into that directory (msgpack-1.2.4) and/or see the files it says are missing?

At worst case, it should be possible to do a complete fresh installation from scratch-- the only (non-DB) data that needs to be ported over for everything to work is the environment config script (/home/mastodon/live/.env.production) and user media (/home/mastodon/live/public/system). It might be faster and easier to remove this install and start fresh.

Backup/restore info: github.com/tootsuite/documenta

@mawr do you happen to have some time to talk directly w/ berries admin? just made a discord server here: discord.gg/wWPYuv

@anna tried wiping the installed bundle and re-running bundle install?

@dave they ended up reinstalling the whole instance, yeah

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