Enter discipleship

guess .social has a popularity chart now and i guess instead of scrapping it immediately when the response to it was hating it, gaming it, and mostly gaming it because they hate it, they're just, doing draconian moderation to it that makes no sense?

:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

anyway if this terrible fucking "feature" makes it into the mastodon code base, we will not be implementing it, it is extremely bad and if anything there needs to be a way to move away from follower counts, because they are bad, toxic, and a dark design pattern

also my .social account is legit and i have not gamed it and i checked the box and thus, should show up on it but i don't, so wtf is that about

its bad AND im being excluded for arbitrary reasons. harumph. :colbert:

and i mean i kind of felt bad for .social as it seems like everyone in the Tumblr Paste Eating Club landed there and there's probably been a lot of cleaning up to do


@anna problem is it's kinda unclear early on there is different instances, a friend had to tell me.

@PaladinQuinn there's been a TON of "dead signups" here of people who don't really use the account after signing up and then there are a few people from there who i talk to who seem to think you need to sign up on every instance you see, and/or are otherwise confused why their login to one doesn't work on the other

it IS a tricky concept but i'd rather see work on making that clearer than this stupid fucking leaderboard

@anna Yeah read the full thing, but if ya want something else to think about --- I uh... posted some more transition related stuff for me... I would love input.

I give it two weeks before an enterprising individual makes home.stuck and they all leave social anyway

@Xaxifrax there's already like bunglr or some shit like that that has 7000 users already thats just like "hey its for tumblr users who like porn"

I remember reading that pornhub itself was making itself available to tumblr refugees by setting up art galleries and feed pages and whatever else, but I think it's a lot harder to tell people to follow you on pornhub

@Xaxifrax honestly they could just slap a respectable URL on there as an option and just eat that marketshare wholesale

I fear the day pornhub starts sliding down the late stage capitalism hole, cuz it's gonna happen soon and it's gonna get weird.

@Xaxifrax @anna I always said I'd never leave, too much hassle, but really if this instance supports childish shit like this, fuck that, I'm off.

@anna This one from Gargron sounds OK though:
I have modified mastodon.social code so that if there is a referrer header value, i.e. the visitor comes from a link, the frontpage redirects to joinmastodon.org.

(I of course don't send referrer headers though, so easy to circumvent).

@VeintePesos yeah thats fine, like less people need to be signing up on .social

@anna thought he removed it from the join Mastodon page?

@anna i couldn't find witches.live on the joinmastodon page either, but maybe it's just me

@VeintePesos looks like its in there

next to liberdon

BUT WE HAVE MORE USERS THAN THEM NOW :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly: :witchyfly:

@anna Including moderating people who are like, "Maybe we shouldn't have one."

Like... what

Been moderated by an algorithm so long forgot how bad real people could be at it too.

@anna Oh dear god, they've gone and done what? That's singularly pathetic. I've never given a shit about follower count. Not like any of them talk to me anyway...

I swore I'd never more instances because it's a pain but seeing stuff like this... WHAT THE FUCK were they thinking? It's just going to attract yet more shitposting and bullshit.

I am just at a complete loss as to understand what the hell they're thinking adding juvenile bullshit like this.

@Bonedwarf i would not reccomend staying on .social, it's a silly place. if you like witches, i am not, in fact, the leader of a cult :witchywink2: witches.live

@anna I dig witches. One of my best friends is one. I may be moving over there.

@anna Done. Now I just have to do the follower export stuff and that. Will do that later. Thanks very much!

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