Enter discipleship

jesus whats going on in the fediverse

alright so, heres the editorial position of witches.live: shitposting rules actually and is not inherently toxic. we are very much against the idea that socialism is a NO FUN ZONE as the entire point of it is so that we can all live our lives to the fullest.

"shitpost, cast spells, eat trash, be free, witches.live"

there's nuance to everything, and if you're trying to hit ~numbers~ and become a and big league people on here like, yeah fuck off with that shit, but then its not the shitposting thats the problem, is it?

shitposting is powerful and can be praxis. say what you will about chapo fans and the "dirtbag left" but this absolutely rules and we need more of this

image cn: :birdsite:, /pol/

@anna Wow.

Without even an iota of self awareness, too.

@anna i love this tbqh. alex is one of the few people who's content i miss from birbland

@anna lmao all it takes is minimal effort at having no insecurity and they're terrified.

@anna It's weid...I hear leftist stuff about how Fascists are Rolling over liberals who insist on civility, and I'm like, is rude pushback all it takes to deal with /pol/acks and neonazis? Is that it? Is it that easy?

@anna I've used "performative shitposting" to describe that and I think it fits pretty well.

@anna i see where you're going with this. basically, don't ever get mad at me specifically because i tell really funny jokes. i think we could all learn that lesson from this post. not to bully me because i make u laugh. thanks, anna. i needed this

@anna Still haven't seen any of the actual anti-shitposting discourse. All I'm seeing is anti-anti-shitposting discourse so I'm forced to conclude I only follow cool people.

@anna wait I wake and there's anti-shitposting discourse? Jesus, I didn't see that shit..

Wait there's anti-shitposting discourse? Why?
Life's about having fun and laughing once in a while. As long as it's not excessive to the point of spam, or offensive and unapologetic, shitposting isn't really bad.

@frinkeldoodle yeah i guess??? its very bizarre to me. i do not understand people who are clinically incapable of having fun, and get mad and decide they have to ruin it when others have fun.

I guess it's as the old adage goes; misery loves company.

@cambrian_era fuck if i know. being the no fun police mostly, emphasis on police

@cambrian_era @anna bringing in a forensic linguist to mine the layers of irony and testify as to whether or not you were being sincere when you said "the Hamburgerlar did nothing wrong"

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