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yo s i got an easy one for you, my sidekiq keeps having several hundred items in the queue and its going up and down but never seems to quite catch up, any tips?

i guess theres 5 threads? load is running at like 1.9 on a 2 core server so not sure if more threads would help or not, or how to do so.

@anna i can help if you gimme like five to get back to my computer. But I only know how to take it up to 10 threads, any more than that and you gotta do something with postgres, idk what tho

@anna actually I think it’s in the sidekiq.service file if you followed the standalone guide

@lady_lumb im running dockerized, but i can probably figure it out if you have the gist of it

I know nothing about docker tbh, but this is what my mastodon-sidekiq.service looks like.

All that's changed from standard is

sidekiq -c 10




@lady_lumb thanks! I'll see if i can find where that's set (probably in the same thing tbh)

Oh well then. I dunno what to tell ya, that's literally the only thing I've done for my sidekiq before. Good luck~

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