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so for some reason none of the things on how to set up your mastodon instance include instructions for getting streaming/browser notifications to work properly, which is obnoxious because it's easy? and should just be done while setting up the instance but it's never covered?

anyway i wrote some instructions because it took me a little too long to piece together something so simple, i hope it helps someone


@Granddad @anna this is in the instructions I followed tho I think? So now I wonder what happened here

@0xKruzr @Granddad i think my instructions were bad. jorts.horse's didn't work for some reason despite the instructions though? like it didnt work, tried a fix i suggested, then changed it back and it did vOv

are you having issues with it?

@anna @Granddad I don't think so? Streaming works here, I had to screw around with my border proxy but it eventually started behaving itself (basically sockets for me are reverse proxied twice bc I host multiple services behind NAT, so the first time is application multiplexing by hostname and the second is the Mastodon reverse proxy to Node et al).

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