alright i havent seen any response to my cry for help to for why the heck the mastodon_web_run_1 container just reboots constantly so time to get to the bottom of this one

ok so problem number one, no idea where "web_run_1" even comes from, its not in docker-compose.yml

also need to ask why the heck the mastodon_web_run_1 container just reboots constantly so time to get to the bottom of this one, not whatever the fuck rune sigil i put up there rip. time to immolate a malformed rune sigil :witchywink:

i think web_run might be cursed. i cant find any reference to it anywhere, nothing is calling it, nothing creates it, there's no references to it in google. i think the only reasonable conclusion here is that we've been jinxed.

gonna try rebooting the server, i want to see what happens if i do that. apologies for the interruption!

hmm so its still there. still restarting itself. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

search is broken now huh, so ok it didn't like, work right when i installed it last time

might restart some things, might break some things, sorry! just trying to get this to work smoothly

current status waiting for it to recompile all the docker instances (WHICH TAKES FOREVER) because i changed the elasticsearch DB image in docker-compose to not reboot god fuck i hate docker sometimes (most of the time)

also why are there like, no mastodon admin irc/slack/discords or some shit where admins hang out and help each other figure this shit out what happened to the fucking internet

ok so the search server is choking on the vm.max_map_count thing again. cool good i fucking fixed that i thought but ok.

ok another reboot to see if i made vm.max_map_count stick this time. SORRY!

alright it persisted! but search isnt working/coming up automatically hmm

alright hmm. seems to be working after i changed it back to not restart, and it's indexing new cants. interestingly, the mastodon_web_run_1 container seems to have been exorcised

woah, server load is below 1 for the first time since i first got this working

i think it's working properly now y'all :O

this is a puzzler, because im not exactly sure what the heck was wrong

please humor me witches, im going to do one more reboot to see if there are any issues immediately after going live. sorry but i want to make sure this works so i don't end up having to fix something when i really don't have time to!

alright witches and wizards lets see, if this works.....

yay!!!! ok search FINALLY FOR REAL WORKS THIS TIME!!!!

and isnt as big of a load on the server as it seemed, something was really wrong with it before despite it working anyway.

be careful at the juncture of docker and elasticsearch, for there be dragons

and may mastodon_web_worker_1 be banished to the hellvoid where it belongs. still dont know where the fuck that came from

figured out there's a cluster status thing and you can curl commands to it and shit, it was yellow, but i maded it green. yay. probably some inconsistency from reboots and rough starts?

@anna y'uore mother had a bunch of bugs. bed bugs!!!!

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