Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

*casts a your valid spell*

hey why is nothing happening

*casts your valid spell again*

its still not

*tries a third time*

oh i get it nothing's happening because you were already valid! :witchywink:

resigned to the fact i will probably never find that earthbound winamp skin i used for years ever again

idk kind of down for "girl" as a name why not

bussy and friends have reached a new growth level!

RIP BUSSY...... TILL SEA SWALLOWS ALL...............

oh........ oh no.............................

korcha sign up for mastodon u'll be #1 account in no time

(also wtf autocaps????)

i have a couple of emulators working but im annoyed that for whatever reason i cant play with higher-resolution 3D models like i remember being able to do easily like half a decade ago

@anna retroarch is an almighty pain in the ass and i have no idea why it's considered acceptable vs. for example what OpenEmu did on the Mac

worst UX since Kodi was called XBMC and actually only ran on hacked Xboxes

ok i think epsxe is freaking out because i dont have a cdrom drive?????????? lmao

why in sam's fresh hell does epsxe suddenly not work

ok does bizhawk not have the thing where it renders in higher resolution fffffffffffffffffffffffffff

lmao. also immediately regretting some display options

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