Rune-enchanted cant

:_witchhat: is a living project to build a better, healthier social network that is centered on the needs and safety of marginalized people by being about setting and respecting healthy boundaries, and encouraging if not requiring conflict to be deescalated first and resolved if at all possible.

:polymerwitch: please always remember to be kind to yourself and to others in your marginalized family. when you encounter people you do not like or get along with, set clear boundaries then resume focus on the positive relationships you have with people close to you.

Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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The AI meme generator has started feeding me subtle pro-computer propaganda

i got a ryzen 3950X and this thing can fail to compile chromium SO fast its amazing

Hi everyone! I'm Inure!! I'm kind of a beginner witch and I'm v excited to b here. I use it/its pronouns and I'm 21! Situated in the UK.

My Boss: so we've been reviewing your browsing history and we have just one question... is the "live" in Witches.Live like "live on the air" or like "living"?

Me: uhhhh

My Boss: your job depends on your answer

day 35 of quarantine. finally, at last, we're at the stage of alternating between between sports bras and loose crop tops exclusively. pandemic apocalypse sucks but at least some dreams can come true.

day 32 of quarantine. found out that obama and biden openly admitted to threatening bernie with holding more elections go genocide americans if he didn't drop out. bernie, huge coward that he is, endorsed this shit instead of being like "ok im dropping out because these assholes want to genocide people". inconsolably angry. went and beat the shit out of some weeds in the back yard with a softball bat.

Just Dance:Okay, I can't lift my arms anymore but I actually kinda like this song so maybe just one more song.

ooh a spam registration for a place to get finasteride, which for the unintiated, is an alternative to spiro and androgen blocker

finally something targeted toward this mastodon instance :blobcatsip: :witchywink2:

whoops sorry about that i dont know why letsencrypt didnt' work this time but its fixed

@wildandcelestial welcome! you'd be hard pressed to find someone who ISN'T a bat fan around these parts! :witchyfly: 🦇

update to gloria la riva endorsement: i love her but also people are really into that howie hawkins dude from the green party and he also whips ass and being part of getting the greens to 5% and replacing the crystal karens with real leftism would own bones actually, so i think that would be a cool thing to do if it starts being a thing!

day 27 of quarantine, realized i might very well hit a point sometime this summer where i dont wear a bra for an entire month without ever explicitly choosing whether or not to wear one

Gloria La Riva 2020! It's time we had a woman in the white house!

day 25 of quarantine. i have hit new levels of stir crazy i didnt know were possible, as the oustside hope that stuck inside people would have some time to realize that a certain bernard sanders has been doing something about the pandemic and a certain senile rapist has been podcasting about fig newtons, but as the dnc couldn't even abide just winning and threatened to kill millions of new yorkers, even bernie sanders' mostly covid-19-centered relief campaign is stopping. and existential stir craziness is a real fucking bitch.

and in related news, now endorses gloria la riva for president in 2020. it's time for a woman in the white house!

i know that a lot of you are going to feel pressure to "vote blue no matter who" for a certain senile rapist who is the presumptive nominee.

please remember that if you cave and vote for biden you are saying that the dems have to make 0 concessions to get the left to vote for them. they can literally put in a senile rapist who was part of the administration that started the worst things trump did such as deportating, dronings, awful private profit-centered "health care", and move left on NOTHING. that it's ok to just keep getting trumps and blue trumps forever until we all die (of climate change in about 10 years at this rate)

please don't vote for biden

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