Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

*casts a your valid spell*

hey why is nothing happening

*casts your valid spell again*

its still not

*tries a third time*

oh i get it nothing's happening because you were already valid! :witchywink:

periodic reminder: we actually moderate here. no instance we want to interact with will refuse to moderate fashy/abusive/generally fucked up shit, and moreover we can at least block people from interacting with our instance

as such, please smash that mfin report button, also feel free to message @fun and/or me if you have any concerns

unlike twitter and tumblr we don't need to resort to mob justice/dogpiling/suffering in silence, so don't!

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The eternal torture for gamers? If you were rude, smelly, and complained of oppression, your prize is... you get to play Brawl! Where your only character is Ganondorf and we will always have a Meta Knight player to play you.

Boost to appreciate Gothic, my emotional support worm on a string.

So there's an old Japanese tabletop RPG with an English fan translation that I've wanted to play for ages and that I figure ya'll might dig. It's called Witch Quest. It's very much in the old school magical girl style of focusing around the players using their magic to help people, and is heavily inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service. 🎲 Players are paired up as young witches :witchywink: and their magical talking cat partners :familiar: . It's very, very cute and wholesome. Only Book 2 is translated, but that's were all the rules are since Book 1 was basically a campaign transcript.

I'd really love to play it with ya'll sometime.

last boost: humblr allows 16 year olds and they don't cw anything rip. porn is fine, but, pretty illegal to let minors just kind of go at it and the lack of cws is a :yikes: so im gonna block that shit

hello admins please instance-block it's an nsfw instance. they do not CW anything and they allow 16 year olds

every web site is on the 'deep web' when i'm there, because my posts are so profound and insightful

p sure it goes down by 1 or 2 every time you rechallenge, however, so at least there's that

ok i lost to one of the new challenger fighers then got a trophy for inkrolling a level 9 cpu into the ground three times in one match :thinkin:

yeah so the challengers are like level 9 sometimes which honestly is kind of mean imo

ok so ppl talking bowsette.. chompette is where its at. my mf baby

@OriginalBeeWitch got kicked off tumblr for violating the treaty of versailles

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!