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yeah a bunch of techbro assholes are archiving berries space and it's really fucked up, please look at some of the last few things i boosted for details

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by the way, your posts are protected by copyright — if you were included in the archive team’s dump, send them a DMCA. make copyright law work for you for once.

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data availability does not mean consent is granted to third parties to process the published data in any way they wish.

this especially includes longterm archival of people's personal lives.

if archive team archived the entirety of google plus, it would be a scandal.
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my boss has the sniffles
i have stage 2 cancer
he got a week PTO
while calls i endlessly answer

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boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
thats why i hex them
and lure their children into my gingerbread house to turn them into rats

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my boss goes out for brunch
while i stock the shelves
oh we never got that shipment
must have been taken by elves

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@anna tech is increasingly becoming like the health insurance industry where they make money based on the goods and services they *don’t* provide

huawei phones being legally unable to run google shit is probably the most compelling reason ive ever heard to buy any kind of android phone

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I was born:
❌ In a city
❌ in a suburb
✅ in a mountain
I was raised:
❌ in a sewer
❌ in a town
✅ in a cave
I crave:
❌ sex and driving
❌ pleasantries and bribing

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@anna Great question. Sadly no, the beaver is the CEO. He works in the corporate office. This is just one of the stores.

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@anna But isn’t the weaponization of irony the deepest of ironies?

hmm. irony is bad when its done by people i dont like, and fine when its done by people i do. thanks for coming to my ted talk

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My brain is so residually poisoned by 2009-2013 internet that I saw someone say “le [noun]” and my first thought was, “lol sick throwback reference.” Only to later realized that they’re literally French.

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