Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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i guess technically the install was fine but all my default configs were gone and it was easier to just reinstall while crying at that point lol

anyway of course it was just the source, i just copied the config from /boot to a newer version and did the normal kernel update process. even if i didnt bother with this i didn't delete the compiled kernel so everything is otherwise fine. i love how gnu+linux (usually) makes it difficult for you to make too big of a m ess without trying very hard

though lets ignore the time i torpedoed my install because i was goofing around in a chroot doing linux from scratch and had my real home folder mounted inside, and when everything went south i rm -rf'd the / of the chroot forgetting about the mount WHOOPSIE

def need to consider getting an ssd bigger than your average thumb drive when ive had some paychecks from the new job behind me lol

"hmm i think ill run some updates and let it compile chromium overnight" --me, while high, and about to delete the source of my currently running kernel

laughing at the cats bc we'd be so fucked if they figured out " weapons " but the fuzzy dipshits arent even close :OMEGALUL:


yeah we went straight from helping that one Scion find the old treasure trove under Ala Mhigo to fighting Tsukuyomi it's a weird jump but it works fine

@mal author's intent a fuck
it's all not canon
i am fandom
3817371038 valid ships

It would be great if we could actually get Xi Jinping to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

sup witches..... just updated the repo with upstream and tested locally so we're gonna update. hopefully wont take too long but there are a decent number of migrations i had to do in testing so that might take a minute

i dont know what the new features are because we've been on partial 3.0 for a while :blobcatgooglyshrug:

but theres gonna be some good ones

It would be great if we could actually get Bernie Sanders to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

open to find out who is spooky 

@anna @cthothlu

SAM are the real cops in you can't just copjacket anyone you don't like


Spinster propaganda on official .xyz blog and newsletter 

Been like the fifth fucking time I've tried to return here lmao. But hey I'm back. Again. I'll try my best to stay for good this time

So I literally have no idea what I'm doing bc I'm super new to this whole thing... but here's a video I just posted amid a project of moving through the tarot in my life for a year or so and I figure it'll be a good enough introduction

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