Rune-enchanted cant

:_witchhat: is a living project to build a better, healthier social network that is centered on the needs and safety of marginalized people by being about setting and respecting healthy boundaries, and encouraging if not requiring conflict to be deescalated first and resolved if at all possible.

:polymerwitch: please always remember to be kind to yourself and to others in your marginalized family. when you encounter people you do not like or get along with, set clear boundaries then resume focus on the positive relationships you have with people close to you.

Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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(cont.) Guide my humble mortal soul, endowed with the strength of ages.

(Optional, requires direction, the "bound" spell)
May the seven hands of the ageless grant their power to my will.
As I ask, so shall it be done ✨🧞

For the admins curious about the spell I listed on my application, since it is near eastern magic. I'll be kind and list it here, for the unbound (non targeted) variant you don't need anything, although objects like sand, gold, or silver can help.

✨Call of the Seven Hands✨
O ageless spirits beyond mortal comprehension, I humbly request aid. Grant unto me your spirit and power. I call the seven hands of the Great King Solomon to aid me.

Guess I should make an

I'm Willow, an autistic teenage mixed race (Irish + Japanese) eclectic witch who specializes in Celtic and Shinto magic, as well as divination, healing, art, and Egyptian polytheism.

Politically, I'm a left-wing anarchist and pro-queer, pro-feminism, pro-alterhuman, pro-vegan, anti-fascist, and anti-racist.

I'm also a cat dad to three fur babies whom I love very much, including my beloved familiar who I may occasionally share photos of!

big ups to the gym for playing fucking alex claire and jessie j so i can pretend like its only been a few weeks since i last went instead of a few years

Christ it's been over a decade since The World Ends With You came out and it's still my favorite game soundtrack. And I don't know if that's a testament to the game or just that I'm a stagnant boomer.

I suppose I should do an
Hi there, I'm Alex.
🔮 I'm a practitioner of near eastern (also called Arabian/Arabic) magic. 🧞‍♂️
I don't really have much of a political label, but let's go with some kind of socialist/antifascist :blobcatmorningtea: :antifa:
I try to answer as many questions but don't expect much because I'm still decently new

On the Systematic Prosecution of Minorities 

i did not know that pete buttchug was gay until this morning when i saw that he declined to go to a planned event at a gay club because it had a pole in it, which i think really says a lot about pete buttchug

Hi there, first time moving instances!

With going down soon, I'm sad but excited to meet some new friends! I brought a gift :)

Just realized that my HRT injection days are every full moon and new moon and I think that's perfect.

update: -O2 did not work. i did find out that only atom is actually pulling in electron and heck to atom i dont use it anyway. deleted from system, i am now free.

of course it was the millionth failure, but i have promised the fine folk of #gentoo-chat that if i use the shudders boring -O2 flag and it works i will shut up forever about -O69 (-O3) being fine

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