Rune-enchanted cant

:_witchhat: is a living project to build a better, healthier social network that is centered on the needs and safety of marginalized people by being about setting and respecting healthy boundaries, and encouraging if not requiring conflict to be deescalated first and resolved if at all possible.

:polymerwitch: please always remember to be kind to yourself and to others in your marginalized family. when you encounter people you do not like or get along with, set clear boundaries then resume focus on the positive relationships you have with people close to you.

Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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one day i will figure out why the certbot cron doesn't work. unfortunately that day is not today but fortunately images work again. sorry about that


no war but class war

fuck off anarcho-natoists

fuck off putinist "MLs"

stop sending aid to ukraine if its just gonna go to nazis

just like donate to people trying to leave directly

discord is all fucky-wucky right now, looks like a major outage

well at least the certbot problem was new this time, apparently certbot was running stuck for days???

On this day of fools, I say we bring joy and frivolity to our lives, but not at the expense of others. Find something that makes you happy, and do that today, bring joy into your life to offset the crap we've been going through the past year and some. :)

ah right today

as usual, no gross pranks or tricks here! don't forget to be extra skeptical today.



sorry if anyone got hit by the letsencrypt expiry, but good news, i fixed it for good

turns out the cron daemon that is supposed to run it was not running nor does it run at boot. fixed it.

p.s. to settle that one one and for all, i actually paid attention in high school spanish and also while living my life in the american southwest, and as such both commonly see piñatas and know how to spell piñata. i also have a thing set up so when i press meta+z i get a menu with special characters and emoji, which includes ñ. i hope this brings closure and/or exciting new distortions to the "anna is the worst racist in history" canon

a lot of things suck in my life right now, but also a lot of things are great, and even more importantly the things that suck are real and part of actually solving problems and making my life better, not completely bonkers garbage like getting screamed at that you're racist against latinx people for things like "actually having one of the two other admins actually live in south america" and "knowing how to spell piñata" and i think that is pretty neat

at least i am grateful for learning a year or so ago that as compelling of an idea as the fediverse is, we're just not ready for it yet and any attempt to make it what it needs to be will just be fought against by the most tiresome and lowstakes grifters imaginable, and there's better uses of my time. i keep w.l up for whatever respite it may offer some, and in hopes someday it will be time, but i ain't puttin no eggs i can't afford to lose in that basket, if you catch my obvious drift.

i miss when the fediverse wasn't 95% pearlclutching creeps who join whatever harassment campaign comes their way that they feel obligated to join lest they become the next day's target

glad some people's lives are going so well and have so little adversity that they have the spare energy to harass queer people and justify it to themselves as a righteous cause somehow. guess biden won and fascism is over so i should get used to being the punching bag of proto-fascist liberals and nobody caring again.

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