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Yikes 😬 Just softblocked, sorry I didnt know they've been using various disguses and godawful acting to try and steal your familys fortune that you'll get when you come of age

kinda long personal rambling 

πŸ”΅ male
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@anna @spookywitch @wintgenstein @Red @mal the goblet is where Bryce Youngquist lives. and by lives I mean squats, but with serious intent

the new sigma guy in overwatch is a huge fuckin nerd i dont like him

β€œWAR (ξ€³446)” registered. btw 😏

@Red cats spilled on my keyboard but no you dont need a specific level to join free companies but you do need the paid version. grand companies, which are kind of npc factions, unlock at around level 20 msq

remember kids: get your eden drops before the bads log in #ffxiv

Witch Tip is a huge public database that has countless free PDFs of all sorts of occultist books and grimoires. Go forth and read.

Download all the things! Have a nice day.

Index of /public/Books/Occult_Library/

wget -m -np -c -w 5 -R "index.html*" ""

@anna just remembered this existed and thought about you and your users

wish this was around when i was practicing 20 years ago.. we had to do all this the hard way and keep our own grimoires when we managed to find something we needed.. not an easy feat living in the deep south georgia

Good example: Moral Orel. Terribly painful show to watch, fantastic character development and overall exploration of empathy and coming of age, developing an identity distinct from one's surroundings, opening up to the world.

Medium example: Come and See. Exceptionally difficult, and the payoff is the bleak loss of innocence itself, but it is an extreme warning about an extreme thing that really happened and really sucked, very clearly depicting a message worth hearing.

Bad example: The Fault In Our Stars. Difficult subject matter with a bizarre, unrealistic twist, rendering the difficult subject matter pointless except as a narrative gimmick.

i've never heard blander philosophy takes than those of techbros trying to say smth profound about human nature

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