Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

*casts a your valid spell*

hey why is nothing happening

*casts your valid spell again*

its still not

*tries a third time*

oh i get it nothing's happening because you were already valid! :witchywink:

@anna "But... But they said the thing! That makes them good, because they said the thing, right? How can they be bad if they said the thing they were supposed to say?" At this point, smoke begins wafting from under the liberal's collar and with a series of jarring mechanical eye twitches, he begins to stutter and spark.

imagine being a liberal and thinking a multibillion dollar international razor corpoation can be woke lmao

I will never give a fuck about what a razor company has to say about anything. Everyone's so easily baited. You're playing into the hands of a corporation who doesnt really give a fuck to begin with. Viral marketing is a cancerous tumor on society's ass.

the new contrapoints video is really good cant wait to wake up tomorrow and find out why nat is totally canceled this time

fuck work fuck the rain i barely got to play much before im too tired to continue but thats ok i can be dead on the fc porch

@anna Not surprised Lady Gaga is into that, but I figured she'd ask for it under a pseudonym.

You can't say 'cyst' without also saying 'cis.' Coincystdince? I think not.

I have no words to describe it, but I'll try

When you smell it it's nice but booooi once it touches your tongue? Sweet and sour and like drinking cologne without alcohol

OK, to start my new role as admin with the correct foot, here is a new emoji I just made called b_smile


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i only hope @christinelove can forgive me for commissioning a witch trollsona for *Hyun-ae

The gofundme is live!

If you would like to help me buy myself a packer and alleviate a good deal of my gender dysphoria, now you can!

@anna I promise to use it responsibly and not to cause doom and descrution on my path. I just want them cute emojis

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