Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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we are all part of one race.the gamer race 🤘 :100_gay:

you download the dumbass MIRRORLINK CERTIFIED apps. you plug in the usb. your phone wont do shit because it says its connected to mirrorlink. but it does not mirrorlink.

trying to get "mirrorlink" to work on my wife's new car and wow what an overengineered piece of shit. that doesn't work. at all. it straight up doesnt work. for no apparent reason.

also i hope the rumored diablo 2 remaster has at least an option for a more modern skill system. im enjoying diablo 2 and all but the skills are still wacky and i hate them.

discourse good when it allows you to talk out complex ideas with people so that you can better understand your own beliefs and their implications

discourse bad when cw meta

@anna third: diablo games arent hard the point is to feel like youre smashing everything easily

also ive been dabbling in diablo 2 recently and i keep just leaving it on in the background and... the music is actually really good holy shit?

its not the melody driven shit i like to listen to when im driving or doing a singalong or whatever but it's really solid, atmospheric and... present. way less boring than the world of warcraft music.

@anna if the graphics actually looked like dexters lab that would be rad af

so first of all, i bet this nerd can't 100% super mario 64

second, holy shit a diablo in the style of dexter's lab would rule and i would play the shit out of that

[ME]: *rolling window down on my station wagon, which has classy plastic woodgrain design on its exterior, my wife and family onboard* "Sir, sir!?Please: I am lost! Can you point me towards the #clitoris !?"

i havent posted my switch friend code in a while:


in celebration of full hunter moon i will play some monster hunter generations ultimate today hmu if you want to play

i also have mhw on ps4 but id rather play mhgu lol

"i think we're alone now" is a fucking excellent pop song

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