Rune-enchanted cant

:_witchhat: is a living project to build a better, healthier social network that is centered on the needs and safety of marginalized people by being about setting and respecting healthy boundaries, and encouraging if not requiring conflict to be deescalated first and resolved if at all possible.

:polymerwitch: please always remember to be kind to yourself and to others in your marginalized family. when you encounter people you do not like or get along with, set clear boundaries then resume focus on the positive relationships you have with people close to you.

Rune-enchanted cant

here are some good avatars of me, and an ez to see version of my current avatar which was overwhelmingly voted to stay as is. please enjoy

Rune-enchanted cant

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:candle_pixel: Rules: (tl;dr All Witches Are Valid :heart_pride: . no TERFs, fascists, abusers. :trebuchet: )

:blackcat: Additional terms/legal:

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:verified: Pleroma instance at and I usually post about downtime on @anna

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thinking about how many programming languages were involved in that notification, with most of them by far being compiled langauges, which she invented, is a neat way to remember her, though!

It is, i feel, a pretty safe bet that the deletion of the Slaanesh account was not an actual removal of Laurelai Bailey's access to 8P, just a temporary reduction in admin powers. i am so fucking worried for the people who stay. Not shade on them, i'm just really scared for them.

The Fediverse has a built-in Quora feature. For example, watch this:

Why do people still read comic books?


looking forward to a bunch of queer people being the target of right wing stochastic terrorism over the revelation that twitter.... checks notes does modding despite that libs of tiktok is allowed to do whatever they want but somehow twitter is run by groomers or whatever 🙄

kill your local fascist before they kill you

i got a ring, and the necklace last time, which are the two things i need from that tier :toot:

i’m still learning about how moderation works on mastodon but the justices who overturned roe should have been dragged behind cars for miles

was tricked into watching #TheGameAwards by valve to try and win a steam deck i can give to a friend, but they announced hades 2 so at least this hasn't been a total waste of sitting-on-the-side time

this time you get to play as a broad and there is someone in a witch hat so, sold.

i already see ppl saying they dont want to use their rpis and. no. you're just making e-waste now. use it until it breaks and dont give them any more money

the #UFOI joining process is very funny, while they will very helpfully (i'm sure) do it for you if you don't want to/can't, it involves checking out a repo and adding the required information to some JSON, then doing a merge request. this is the most techbro fantasy way of doing an alliance pact you can come up without resorting to using cryptocurrency-based governance tokens, incredible.

:boost_requested: #fediblock toxicity, manipulation and preying on unknowing instance admins 

Posted something insensitive? Are your customers up in arms? Are their pitchforks lit and torches sharp? The best thing for it is to go on the offensive – your company's critics are ontologically evil and must be wiped from the face of the earth.

just gonna say it: I'm seeing a lot of trans people showing solidarity with NYT staff today and ... jeez it would be really nice if they could return the favor

also sorry to anyone who doesn't like fediverse drama updates but i try to keep it to the interesting parts, like that a vore-themed instance felt tricked by this whole thing and left #UFOI apparently. now THAT'S comedy

i defederated from qoto very early on, like i think when we still had like maybe 10 users. hell it was probably when my main account was still on it was like i dont know if these people are fashies or not but they sure are annoying reply guys any time they pop up

and now they are doing the most annoying reply guy thing of all: trying to make Fediverse NATO to attempt to force and rules lawyer their way into being reply guys forever. absolutely stunning commitment to the bit.

the #UnitedFederationOfInstances #UFOI thing is extremely funny. i almost have to respect qoto for still posting through it for all these years

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