Razones para eliminar la competencia y la autosuperación como filosofía de vida.
Como lo dijo Alejandro Riaño, deberían es enseñarnos a ser felices.

Cómo hablar con otros que piensan distinto | Guadalupe Nogués | TEDxRiodelaPlata

Video games have the capacity to be fucking great

The #1 thing standing in their way, however, is gamers

Y la culpa no era mía (19) ni donde estaba (en casa de mi tía) ni cómo vestía (jean y camiseta)

i think we all know the concept of american thanksgiving suck's ass, and there's a lot in this world to be bitter and angry about. please--go hog wild, spit in the face of your oppressors and sharpen your guillotine blades.

gratitude is, however, a powerful spell, even if it's just reflecting on the people and things you love and appreciate for a few moments. especially those sharpening the blade with you! :witchyfly:

I had a Dream that I'm trying to understand:
I was in the bathroom and my partner in the room. He told me I take too much time taking a shower, but I insisted I had to go first because there was something going on: one of my thoots fell. I had it in my hand and my mouth was bleeding. I didn't tell him. I threw away the theet and when I went out of the bathroom, feeling pretty absent, we talked about some tv show. Don't really know what all this is about. But it let me such a bad feeling.

Thanks for everything today, beautiful lights of wisdom, and thanks for letting me into this community.

I hope you all have a good night of sleep.
*please do not listen to this audio if you are not in a safe place or situation to relax and sleep*


I just finished re-playing The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Those two are beautiful games about purpose and meaningful cultures. Also a good take on a world where magic is the normal.

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