would like to borrow someone's:
-sense of safety in the world
-industrial sized slab of mac and cheese boxes(will not return)

guess you don't know what u got until it's petty af

food ment 

In case anyone one was wondering, I do actually vet every single person who wants to follow me.

I check the instance. I check the bio. I read through a swathe of posts. I check followers and follows.

I ain't having no bullshit on my account.

~*~*Astrology Notes [2nd House]*~*~ 

~*~*Astrology Notes [1st House]*~*~ 

hi my name is amina and i'm really bad at making friends and i will blurt out opinions without checking if they bother anyone but my intentions are pure and i respond well to constructive criticism thank u for coming to my ted talk

i cannot imagine another person coming across my posts and actually wanting to read them

Pol, violence 

social anxiety, conservative encounter 

is a fucking good game. And one of the only games that gives me some peace and relaxation nowadays.

(i accidentally deleted this so here we go again)

tonight’s sunset

@essentiallygrey i think eventide is a word for sunset. I like dawn and dusk though.

I used astrology and elemental energies to try and get stuff done and it worked!!! Eeeeeeeeee will make a post about it soon~♥

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