Rune-enchanted cant

: other stuff/why I'm here
🍃latina but only half, never sure how to feel bout that
🍃physical disability that's chronic, manageable if you have lots of time and money, which u bet ur bippy i don't
🍃XXL anxiety, depression, ptsd
🍃here for witch friends and funny toots and generally feeling better on media that doesn't feel fake and performative
🍃baby pansexual that is still not sure how to like girls
🍃i bitch a lot, but i also listen
🍃great at emotions, shit at coding

Rune-enchanted cant

Never done one before, now I'm ready.

Hi! I'm Amina(she/her) and I'm usually a wholesome ass cinnamon roll who thinks the capitalist system is full of shit. Mediumcore feminist but absolutely disagree with TERFs. I'm cis so Iunno what the hell to do about genders. I'm grey-ace and pan, so it doesn't matter too much to me. Grad student age = old.

Sea/green witch. I've been practicing for 1 year now, and seem to be a chaotic energy magnet so I stick to sensing/reading things for other people. Happy to read your natal chart or tarot for free!

I live a lifestyle of simultaneous anxiety and smug cuteness while sleeping through most of it.

would like to borrow someone's:
-sense of safety in the world
-industrial sized slab of mac and cheese boxes(will not return)

guess you don't know what u got until it's petty af

In case anyone one was wondering, I do actually vet every single person who wants to follow me.

I check the instance. I check the bio. I read through a swathe of posts. I check followers and follows.

I ain't having no bullshit on my account.

~*~*Astrology Notes [2nd House]*~*~ 

~*~*Astrology Notes [1st House]*~*~ 

hi my name is amina and i'm really bad at making friends and i will blurt out opinions without checking if they bother anyone but my intentions are pure and i respond well to constructive criticism thank u for coming to my ted talk

i cannot imagine another person coming across my posts and actually wanting to read them

Pol, violence 

social anxiety, conservative encounter 

is a fucking good game. And one of the only games that gives me some peace and relaxation nowadays.

(i accidentally deleted this so here we go again)

tonight’s sunset

I used astrology and elemental energies to try and get stuff done and it worked!!! Eeeeeeeeee will make a post about it soon~♥

end all feminists that dont actually include all women

Top 5 animals, make a thread if u want! 

Does anyone know of a good open source notepad app for android? It's pedantic but I don't want my scribblings being used to sell or create ads

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