I'm going to keep throwing down my videos into the void. What decks are you trying not to buy? youtu.be/aowd4jMpNas

Which tarot cards do you associate w breakups? Asking for me, I'm going through a breakup. Video bc I like the sound of my voice youtu.be/eeqyXRlzljg

I'm in that dreamy sort of place at work between meetings where I'm thinking about love and magic and perception and if anything is real at all and not caring bc this run is one hell of a ride xoxoxox

I tend to lean myself, but I have to admit that duelist gnosticism is the most exciting.

So I literally have no idea what I'm doing bc I'm super new to this whole thing... but here's a video I just posted amid a project of moving through the tarot in my life for a year or so and I figure it'll be a good enough introduction youtu.be/RMoTM9ylojY


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