I just want to stare into your aura and cry.

These new BART cars for real sound like HAL9000.

I'm never able to capture my cats bleping on camera and it makes me sad that I cannot share that joy with you.

blood mention 

Albert won't get out of my lap so I can make a second cup of coffee this morning.

So are we all just really anxious monkeys on a slowly dying planet?

Arranging cats into geometric figures.

What am I doing today? I'm listening to angsty music and brooding, thanks for asking.

You receive mail at your address for a former occupant you've never met, do you return it to the post office or destroy it? Given: Lived in unit over 5 years, Addressee lived in unit over 8 years ago, Never met addressee or had any indirect interactions with them.

A couple weeks left to get ready for the solstice, I can do this. As long as I don't procrastinate. Like I'm doing right now. Oof.

Who wants to join my amateur hobby horse riding competition league? So far, it's just me. 🐴

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