Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

Guys, is it gay to hypnotize? You be inducing somebody into a state of hypnosis. 😔☕️

a password so good even i cannot remember it

same! but also sing anyways if you want to, fuck how you sound as long as you are having fun

playing Duck Hunt as a child was a valuable experience because it taught me how to be a man

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I think I want my next tatt to be a ram. You know I gotta flex on nem other signs

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LMFAOOOO... Let some mayo call me a "slave" on some race play type shit. I ain't nobody's slave you fucking trick ass bitch. I will throw hands

If I had tinder I’d make my first pic my laser selfie and watch the ladies roll in

Why does everybody and they mama always fart in my face!!!!!!?????!!!!


So I was playfully arguing with my lil cousin right? That bitch walked up to me and we started throwing hands (which didnt make me mad cuz I like to fight lmao). But tell me why this bitch FARTED in my face after we stopped throwing hands... I'm-

Imma keep practicing my vogue technique. I wanna be able to amaze all the girlies

imagine if you sat down to shit and your spine started coming out you're ass

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!