Rune-enchanted cant


You are NOW obligated to call me a "hoopty roo headass bitch" on any foolish, future toots I make lmfaooo

Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

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mmmmmffff nice slow roasted cops with CBD wafting everywhere and some tasty sauce and I'll bring some of my creamy apple vinaigrette slaw... *ShirtRip!*

Everytime a pig gets murked, my witch energy grows stronger :blobheartcat:

Let he who is without melanin cast the first slur

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I do not want to leave my bed today. It's so fucking cozy and these electrode pads are throwing it back :blobheartcat:

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I wish I had someone here to cuddle with while watching this show 😭

Omggg the show just said her lil friend is a deer fox! I was right in my description :blobheartcat:

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