@dirtycommo @aether maybe i should get into the tech instance game and spin up iusegentoo.btw

@anna @aether @dirtycommo I will install Gentoo (for the first time) on my thinkpad if you do.

@rain @anna @dirtycommo i wanna get a thinkpad they’re nice, or a slimbook maybe

@aether To be honest I thought it was a meme until I got mine and realized how comfy they are

@rain if only I wasnt poor, maybe when I get a job haha

@aether @rain mood, and then i get a job and stupid bullshit keeps me from spending $2000 on a laptop because theres "more important things" 😩

@anna @rain why have a life when you can have a thinkpad

Running Gentoo :gentoo:

@aether @rain there are tons of used thinkpads in good state, look for t420 or t430. you can probably get them for around 200€ (assuming you dont need a fast cpu or anything).

@felix @aether I lucked out on my T430 and got the i7 model for $200~ it is all about watching the market

@rain @felix what i7?

I kinda need a good graphics card,,, well actually i probably dont since i guess the workplace would be providing me with one, and i have computers on campus anyway but it would be nice because i run some simulation scan software

Btw sadly doesnt even work on wine, proprietary software makes me upset

@aether These are the specs, though keep in mind the T430 is kinda old I really do not do much gaming on it. Just use it for coding and general computer stuff.


@rain yeah i guess i could do with sth like that esp because its the price of a slimbook

I dont really game at all because i cant so i wouldnt miss it for sure rofl

@anna haha well I use sabayon which is gentoo for sillies like me

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