Rune-enchanted cant

Lately I've seen some suggestions showing up in my feed that Mastodon users should click on the "About" link and donate to their servers.

I did that on my server,, only to find out that there's no such link. The hard-working admins aren't asking for money.

I'm not saying that's because the admins are kinder and more generous than most folks...

...but I'm not not saying it either.


I see that there are newer versions of the Mastodon software out there. If you'd like the software upgraded, aid me in casting a spell:

Not all spells are guaranteed to work, but at least this spell might make someone happier.

I gotta say: I was disappointed in today's episode of Ahsoka.

For all the build-up and anticipation, she didn't learn anything that she didn't already know. And the audience didn't learn anything that didn't already know. It was just special effects.

Dave Filoni can do better. He has done better. Hopefully he will do better. But not today.

If you're interested in science, you may be interested in my workplace's lecture series.

The first lecture in the series is "Dark Matter Matters: The Invisible Universe".

For more information:

To watch via YouTube:

tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH qaStaHvIS wa’SaD jaj = I have studied the Klingon language for one thousand days.

I like to write reviews of video games long enough after their release so that my opinion won't make any difference.

Here's my latest, on Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

At this moment, Facebook is down. But is up.

I'm not saying that is better-managed than Facebook.

But I'm not not saying it either.

The latest season of The Dragon Prince is out on Netflix.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll be busy for the next few evenings or for the next five hours.

In this blog post, I reminisce about my teen-age days as a player of wargames:

Jiku, envious that Shuba got to play the Great Wall board game last weekend, has decided to roll up a D&D5e character. He's already put "opposable thumbs" on his character sheet.

The Great Wall is complex tactical board game. However, Shuba has read all the rules and is ready to play!

I'm a Wiccan, and a Witch, and I'm on the Mastodon server I thought I'd share a blog post I wrote about year ago about secrecy, mystery, and privacy in Wicca:

Did you notice the blue verification checkmark next to my name? If you'd like your identify to be verified in the same way, you can find instructions here:

By a strange coincidence, this is the Patreon page of the admin. There's lots of changes coming to the Fediverse. It may be time to consider helping them out.

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