ya know i think it's genuinely very good that astrology is starting to take the place of religion for young people. like sure astrology is bad and fake, WHATEVER, but at least it doesn't have a history of systemic oppression the way most organized religions do!!!!

Enter discipleship

@pbandkate the year is 2068 , water signs have been banned from holding public office and leos have become a shunned undercaste , denied most human rights. The council of twelve hands down decrees from an observatory that has been crudely mounted to the empire state building

@Zoe i would believe this if it were geminis who were the shunned undercaste

@Zoe @pbandkate This is pretty much the plot of an episode of #TheOrville. The crew attempts to make first contact witth a planet where every individual’s life is decided at birth based on their astrological sign.

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