iron man but instead of a libertarian he is an anarcho syndicalist who only builds his suits and distributes them to trade unions

spiderman but he only shows up to protect striking workers from pinkertons

captain marvel but she rallys portions of the u.s. military to help stage a proletarian uprising and literally disintegrates the supreme court with a plasma beam

thor uses dark elf magic to go back in time and save rosa luxumberg and then gives her the hammer

dr. strange but the twist is that he is a communist. just a full blown communist.

i am mostly joking with this thread but it would be genuinely interesting to imagine a shift in storytelling towards collectivist ideas in marvel movies beyond "friendship will literally melt bad guys"

the hulk but he only freaks out when people spout capitalist apologia and he turns red and black instead of green

guardians of the galaxy only they call themselves the lumpenproletariat and explicitly hunt rich denizens of the galaxy and murder them to redistribute their wealth

captain america - but his finding out that hydra essentially infiltrated and ran the u.s. through the cold war turns his sympathies to the left and he travels the global south hunting cia backed reactionaries

black widow - but instead of a soviet trained russian super assassin - she is a soviet trained russian super assassin

Enter discipleship

hawkeye - but the twist is that when a white guy tries to call himself hawkeye and only fight with a bow and arrow - the rest of the avengers fucking beat him to death

@Zoe hawkeye - but the twist is it's the deaf one from the comics who is cool and he's a damsel in distress that squirrel girl always has to save.

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