i have been scrolling through this fucking blog entry for 9 years just to get to the recipe

@muppetbutler before i get to this recipe which could fit on a note card - i'd like to tell you of a mildly remarkable thanksgiving i had where my son knocked out his front teeth

@muppetbutler i know you're looking for my 'best apple crostada' secrets but hang in there while i tell you about my extended stint in chemo where i learned the value of passing recipes down from generation to generation.

Enter discipleship

@muppetbutler look i know all you want is my extremely basic combination of spices to make your own taco seasoning but buckle up for 6000 words on how i feel cultural appropriation is getting absolutely out of control here in a small town in utah you have never heard of.

@muppetbutler 10 secrets to perfect southern style fried chicken! buried in a wall of text that also details why i decided to name my oldest son Zane

@muppetbutler i could probably do this all day but i really dont want to kill you this early on in our life long friendship

@Zoe @muppetbutler let me tell you about my friend, beverly, who just LOVED these Quick n' Easy vegan mozzerella sticks, who i killed in precisely this way

@goblin @Zoe @muppetbutler ok, now we're getting somewhere. Confessions to murders, hidden in 10,000 word essays about spending autumn in the Rockies and how that led to new insights into beef stew? Yes please

@robotcarsley @goblin @muppetbutler I'm kind of amazed it was Hanny that carried this bit into horror and not me but I am extremely here for it

@Zoe @goblin @muppetbutler the key elements are 1. Bay leaves and 2. Dumping the body where a grizzly will scavenge it and destroy the forensics

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