Before the rise of industry, it was normal for people to sleep in two phases each night.

People had no set bedtimes. Sleeping was determined by whether or not there were things to do. Most people would have a first and second sleep, with a couple of hours awake inbetween. This is probably the way humans are supposed to sleep.

Modern schedules don't really let us do that. Perhaps we should think about changing that.

Enter discipleship

@InvaderXan i already do this. tend to conk out for 1.5-3 hours (1-2 rem cycles) then wake up around the witching hour, do some night crew posting, then finish my sleep till 8:30am for work. I am always more rested doing that than any single block schedule.

Nice that you can get a schedule like that to work! I need to try and make an effort to do something similar, myself.

@InvaderXan the hardest part was actually figuring out what my body wanted? it took years because you can only really like, experiment when you have days to sleep only when you want which is harder and harder in capitalist society.

I had to gradually figure out which sized blocks made me feel the most rested, then figure out when to best put them. ugh. i'm jealous of the people who can do two perfect 3 hour naps.

Yeah, me too. And sadly, experimenting is... Yeah, not so easy. Especially when you're like me and get less than enough all week followed by a big rebound at the weekend.

I used to have an app on my phone which measured my sleep cycles, to figure out how long my sleep cycles lasted. That was pretty useful actually, I should probably try and find something like it again...

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